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I am Anna Ukolova. I am a leading expert in an international online dating & relationships, match-maker and coach. Work as a dating coach I help smart, honest, successful men in the world find a love in Ukraine and build a strong relationship. I specialize in coaching single men who have been unlucky in love and unsuccessful with women, met liars and scammers – I show a more positive and effective path in finding a lovely, serious and honest ladies here.

I have been working in the dating industry since 2011 years in different positions, clients support in the international dating site, the translator and the owner of the marriage agency. So my long-term experience in the business helped me understand all the difficulties and problems faced by every man to find the partner from the Ukraine. And my personal experience in finding the second half gave me the feel and understand this complicated way to love. My mission is inspire and help every man, who wants or already looking for love in Ukraine, find a right girl and build with her amazing relationship! And change the course of their love lives, forever.

WHO I Work With?

I work with men who have just started or who already looking for love in Ukraine. Coach men through each of the different phases of the dating and relationship journey: from single to online dating and meeting women in real, to getting you into a relationship all the way through marriage. So whether that’s getting the girl of your dreams or finding your very special Ms. Right to spend the rest of your life with, I am relentless in helping you achieve what you’ve been wanting your whole life.

I work with different kind of man in the world who never been married or just divorced. I generally work with men who are smart and usually successful, who are typically between the ages of 37-60, and who may be really successful in their careers or other areas of their lives, but not very successful with dating and romantic relationships with women. They just do not know how and where find a nice woman, how to approach Ukraine’s woman and meet her.

So just like a smart business man would seek out the assistance of a Business Coach to help him get to that next level of his business’s success so why cann’t man find a partner who help him to be success and happy in relationship?! I work with every man personality, analiz what’s not working, and then I make the improvements and changes needed to get them to their goal of a successful love life.

Why do I want working with Men like you?

Well, as I told I have been worked long-term in the dating industry and have worked with so many different men but most of them did the same mistakes in online dating, meeting an Ukrainian girls. And I am sure it’s because they don’t know who is an Ukrainian woman, the way to approach her, particular mentality and culture. Another problem is a lot of scammers here. Unfortunately, yes it’s a lot of fakes and scammers on dating sites. So I want to make man to be smart and careful with them.

And Guys, there are so many lovely, smart, serious and honest women who really need a strong and caring man. So don’t give up!And I will help to find a love in Ukraine and change your life for successful and happy one!

What makes Anna and her service Different from all the rest?

Well if didn’t see already. I don’t work with any the dating sites and the dating agencies. I work as a dating coach, work instead, holistically, personally.

I help you to blast through your limiting beliefs, remove distrust of women and be open to new dating and relationships, uncover blocks and negative programming that, you got from your bad experience, are holding you back so that you can become a truly confident person and attractive man. I show you how many nice and honest women you can meet in Ukraine. I help to understand an Ukrainian woman, her feature, and what she is looking for in man. I can make you the most desirable man for her.


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