Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from Ukraine

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  Most likely Christmas and New Year holidays are the most long-awaited period of the year for most people in the world. Most likely this is a period of visiting your family, meeting with old friends, a period of gifts, … Read More

Matchmaking Services in Ukraine: what are they, and how can they help you?

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When you first got the idea to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine, the first thing you probably did was register on the first dating site you liked. You thought the process of searching for a girlfriend online would be … Read More

Finding a wife in Ukraine is like walking through a minefield: an interview with one of the experts in the International Dating and Matchmaking, Alex Pinto

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Are you still searching the second half in Ukraine? You’re only at the beginning or you have gone a long way? Do you have absolutely no experience in online dating or are you already burned out of it? In any … Read More

Are there many Ukrainian girls looking for foreign men? And why?

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I am sure that each of you, who are looking for a girl from Ukraine, was interested in these questions. Many men, who contacted me, or my clients ask me about that. And that’s normal. First of all, I want … Read More

When is the best time for visiting Ukraine?

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Before giving an answer to this question, let’s look at a few important points. Are you a foreign man? Do you love traveling and you are single? Do you think about visiting Ukraine and meeting with some girls to have … Read More

American man’s dating adventures in Ukraine: how it was?

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The author of the article: David Isenor At the end of the article is Anna’s interview with David Every man I have ever met has at one time or another decided they wanted a change in their life. As we know … Read More

Travel to Ukraine in 2017: is it safe?

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As you are looking for Ukrainian girlfriend you might think about traveling to Ukraine now or later. And I advise to come to Ukraine for the first meeting with a girl you found online. But the horrible information about the … Read More

Online Dating Ukraine: How to Ask a Girl for Her Private Contacts on a Dating Site

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Recently, we have often heard or read that many couples met each other online. As I wrote in my previous articles, online dating is a great way to find a Ukrainian girl and build strong long-term relationship with her, whenever … Read More

How to find an Approach to a Ukrainian Woman Online: 11 Things you have to know

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Before I got a boyfriend I had a lot of experience of online dating, using dating sites for finding a partner for a serious relationship. So everyday I got many mails from potential candidates online. And to be honest, most … Read More

What Italian man tells about Dating Ukrainian Women: learn from his experience

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Do you enjoy dating? if yes, you are lucky and it’s great. Because most people don’t. And it’s normal. Why? The dating is not always fun and exciting, but it can be boring, no chemistry, much lies, and disappointments. As … Read More

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