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Are you looking for a beautiful Ukrainian girl? For serious relationship and marry?

But had a bad experience in online dating? Have you met many scammers?

Let me coach you right now and help you master the secrets of successful  dating and approach any Ukraine’s woman! I have some different service but I am sure you will find what you need and help you.

60 Minute Dating Coaching Call

Do you have an immediate dating problem you want to talk about? Or just an important question?
You want to get fast dating advice, then please book a quick dating coaching session now.

Just follow these two easy steps:

1) Contact me by or WhatsApp/Viber +380934729643

2) Introduce yourself, write me what do you have to talk about with me.

3) Write me when and at what time is it convenient for you to phone me

4) I’ll try and get back to you and give you all information to make a Payment.

Price: $70 (60 euro)

Personalized Online Dating Concierge and Matchmaking

Are you looking for a Ukrainian woman Online? Are you ready for online dating to introduce you to an Ukraine’s lady?  But Are you not sure what kind of dating site to choose? How to create a nice profile with you? What to write in first mail to a girl you like? So Let Expert take over your online dating and get you many girl’s contact. I get to know you extensively and what you’re looking for, then help you get on great date with Wonderful Ukrainian woman.

I will handle your information on as many dating sites as necessary. I handles all the profile writing, searching, account management and correspondence with daters indicating interest in you. You’re involved as much as you like or you can sit back and get dates. Try it. You’ll like it.

Price: $135 (120 euro) per month


I am happy to provide you with Dating tips and Coaching advice. There are a lot of Useful and Interesting information about Ukraine, Ukrainian women and how to get Success in Dating with Ukrainian women.
If you are looking for more coaching tips I recommend you to check my  Blog and Youtube channel!

Beautiful Ukrainian Ladies


Personal Matchmaking Service

I am Anna Ukolova, The Professional Matchmaker in Ukraine, Kiev. I offer its clients Exclusive Matchmaking Service in Ukraine.

I have been working in the dating industry since 2011 years in different positions: clients support on the international dating sites, the translator and the owner of the marriage agency. Since summer 2016 I work as Dating coach and Matchmaker. So my long-term experience in this business helped me understand all the difficulties and problems faced by every man to find a partner from Ukraine. And my personal experience in finding the second half made me to feel and understand this complicated way to find someone Special.

I offer my clients the Best Professional Personal Matchmaking Service in Ukraine, which guarantees high quality introductions to save time, money and prevent heartbreaking experiences. I offer Best Matchmaking Service to Single Men from all over the world that value efficiency, professionalism, quality and privacy.




Matchmaking Service is not online dating. Generalized Online Dating is still very difficult and far too often unproductive for the time invested.

Matchmaking Service is more about Personal Dating Service of finding a Perfect Match for you in Ukraine.


How does it work?

1 step. A potential male client contact me. I usually ask him to fill in the questionnaire about himself, send me his photos, write me what kind of woman he is looking for. If I see and understand I can help this man and I have potential brides for him then I arrange the first free call with potential client. For me as the matchmaker really needs this information to get ready to the interview with you and to use your time during the interview more efficiently and not to have to invest time into questions like “how old are you” or “what city you are from”.

2 step. If after the interview I see that I have enough candidates in my base to fulfil the expectations of my potential client then I suggest starting the real matchmaking process with me.  Check out 3 Matchmaking Service Packages

3 step. After the pre-stage the client will go through the first stage of the matchmaking process. I will have more interviews with our male client to make sure I really understand his needs and priorities. At the same time I will start conducting the interviews with the ladies. I have Matchmaking agency, UkrainePrincess, with exclusive base of Ukrainian ladies.

This step is very importance of the first stage of the matchmaking process. If you do not preselect great candidates – matches for your male client then he will have less chances to achieve great results. This is why I take this stage really seriously and always pay a close attention to details.

At this stage, there is the introducing of potential brides to the man, the organization of video chats with girls in which he is interested.

4 step. Arranging the arrival of the client and organizing meetings with potential brides. Not only the man is looking forward meeting the ladies, but also the ladies feel excited about the upcoming dates. Of course I can’t control how the date will actually go because a lot will depend on the attitude of the man. I can provide my client with necessary dating tips and advice and make sure that he doesn’t have to worry about anything and can fully concentrate his attention on dating.

5 step. Post-matchmaking process.

After my client has travelled to Ukraine and has met the ladies he will continue communicating with one or several ladies. During this stage he will understand with which lady he feels strong mutual attraction and will start bringing their acquaintance to the next level – relationship. This is the stage when couples decide to be in exclusive boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, this is the stage of romantic proposals, beautiful engagement rings and big decisions – in which country they will start their family.

I keep consulting my clients through this stage not only because I have worked so hard to help them reach this stage, but also because this is the stage when small misunderstandings start to mess things up. This is the stage when my professional coaching and matchmaking experience can help our clients prevent or overcome relationship mistakes.

Additional Services:

Translation services. If lady, you are interested in,  does not know English, it will not be a problem because my workers will translate for you and her during video chat or on first meeting in real life. Trust me, you should give a chance to woman if she doesn’t speak English well. The most important thing is chemistry and communication, and the language can be learned!

Gifts and deliveries. For Valentine’s, birthdays, holidays, special occasions or when you feel like surprising your lady, I have Flower, Candy, & Gift delivery available for all my women living in Kiev and  in other cities;

–  Apartment rentals/transfer/show you Kiev. I can arrange an apartment for you, so you do not have to worry about a place to live during your trip to Kiev.  I can help you with  transfers to/from the airport, show you Kiev and recommend you some nice restaurants and bars in Kiev;

Photo session. I can make an additional photo session of a lady you are corresponding with, so you can get many new pictures of her;

–  English lessons. If your lady does not know English but really wants to learn, I can help her. You can order English lessons at My agency, or ask me to find the most effective English courses in the city.

I specifically do not specify the price of the services of My Matchmaking agency! As I are working with each of our clients personally, and the prices are appointed individually on the capabilities and wishes of the client. The cost of a service is discussed in the counseling process.

My goal is to help every man who came to us, to find his perfect match!

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Dear friend,

Are you not sure whether to start working with me? If it helps you? Don’t worry and don’t hesitate! Let’s start, but if you don’t like something, don’t like my job, or you wouldn’t be comfortable to work with me, you all costs will be refunded within 10 days. But I sure it won’t happen 😉