Is it possible to find a girlfriend from Ukraine on Tinder?

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Tinder Ukraine



Tinder is  the most famous dating app in the world! It’s probably rare to find someone who hasn’t used or heard of Tinder. Especially the younger generation.


Is Tinder used in Ukraine? Is it popular in Ukraine?


Yes and yes!

In Ukraine, Tinder is used both to meet locals and to meet foreigners people.

I’ve heard from many of my followers and clients that in different counties Tinder is mainly used for quick meetings, fun and sex. In general, nothing serious!

Many foreigner men used/use Tinder for such purposes when planning coming  or when they were in  Ukraine, such big cities as Kyiv and Odessa. When they were planning a business trip to Ukraine or a trip with friends so off course they thought – why not meet a beautiful Ukrainian girl who will show the city, interesting places, go to a restaurant or bar with me, spend the night. Or meet a few pretty ladies in Ukraine. 

After returning home, many of them showed photos with the girl or the girls they had seen or had a passionate night to their friends and colleagues!

Tell me honestly, did you use Tinder when you were in Ukraine? Write in comments


I remember a long time ago when I was in Lviv with my boyfriend, we were sitting in a beer bar and a guy from Turkey was sitting at the next table. How emotionally he told his friend about the Ukrainian student girl he met at the club and how they had a fun night with all the details! Of course, he showed her photos!

To be honest, I felt uncomfortable!

It is sad to admit, but  a lot of  foreigners came to Ukraine as sex tourists! Many men directly offered young ladies sex for money. 

Before the war, it was like this. Many Foreigner guys traveled to Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Dnipro, Lviv and other cities in order to go to a meeting and have a good time with a Beautiful Ukrainian girls.  

When I lived in Kyiv before the war, every day I could meet a foreigner with a Ukrainian woman on the street, in the lobby of a hotel, cafe, restaurant, bar! The men were from different countries, of different ages and incomes.

Of course, I should note that there were many foreign men who used Tinder to find girls in Ukraine for a serious relationship! I know a few foreigners who found their girlfriend on Tinder.   I have always been pleased to see loving and happy couples on the streets in Kiev.


Tinder Ukraine


What did/do Ukrainian girls think from Tinder?


A lot of Ukrainian women I knew/know used Tinder to find a man for a serious relationship. I know that many complained about the large number of not serious men who just wanted to have a fun or a sex with them. Many girls complained that they talked with foreign men, they were waiting for a meeting. When a man came to Ukraine  and promised to meet then he disappeared, or made an appointment at a restaurant and he did not showing up. 

Many many different unpleasant situations and stories I heard from women I knew. 

I know that many girls  have used Tinder to meet foreign men for personal gain, like dining out at an expensive restaurant, shopping, going to a spa hotel, travelling together. 

There were  those  who used Tinder to provide erotic services like sex massage, escort services and prostitution to foreign guys. 

I know from my clients that they met a lot of Ukrainian women who can be called Scammers. 

Different types of fraud! For example, even before the meeting, if a man offered a girl a meeting in his country, he could send some  money to her to get a travel passport or buy flight tickets, after receiving the money, the girl blocked the man and disappeared. Or just when a man sent a girl money for her needs like paying for an apartment, treatment, etc.

Another example. A man met a pretty  lady in Kyiv from Tinder, they went to a nice restaurant. Everything went well. The lady was sweet and flirted a lot. After the restaurant, she offers to meet the next day at the Spa center, but she doesn’t have a swimsuit. The lady invited  a man to checkout a new swimsuit for her. Of course, what man refuses to help a young and beautiful girl choose a swimsuit.  They went to the store, the girl arranged a swimsuit show and chose one. At the case, a man is not told the cost of a swimsuit. The price of the swimsuit was very expensive. Then the girl could go to the toilet or buy water and then she she disappeared. The next day, she returned to the store, returned swimsuit and got her share of the store.

I know some girls took men to the store to buy expensive suitcases.

The most common way of cheating was to send money to a taxi or give cash for a taxi at a meeting to a woman from Tinder (the amount was higher than the normal cost) and go to an expensive restaurant, order the most expensive dishes, alcohol. The check for lunch or dinner could be very big! Such restaurants returned a percentage of the check in the form of cashback to this woman. Many girls lived on this money or simply had additional income.


Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation? 


There may have been other types of Tinder scams that I don’t know about. Share with me in comments


Since the beginning of the war and now… Tinder has not disappeared in Ukraine.

I know that many Ukrainian women who left Ukraine use Tinder to meet  men in the country, city where they live now. With local foreign men. 

I also know that many girls from Ukraine complained that foreign men on Tinder, when these men  found out that the girl had left her country  because of the war, stopped communicating. 


Tinder Ukrainian girls

Is it possible to find girlfriend  from Ukraine on Tinder?


Of course everything is possible! First of all, you should decide whether you will use Tinder to find a girlfriend from Ukraine in your city, region or country, or a Ukrainian lady who is located on the territory of Ukraine. On Tinder, you can change your subscription from regular to Gold. Gold subscription is paid and allows you to change the location of the mast search. If you do not live in Ukraine, but you can put the location Kyiv for example. Tinder will show you girls who live, are, there is a location Kyiv. Okay?!


How to use Tinder, how to create a successful profile, what to write to women from Ukraine, read my article: “Tinder: How to Guide when Dating Ukrainian girls”


Secondly, you should understand that as on any online dating site, and on Tinder, you will find a lot of fake profiles, girls offering sexual services, scammers and simply inadequate personalities.

Thirdly, any online dating, searching and chatting on Tinder will take a lot of your time and effort!

Fourth, you can go on 100 dates with Ukrainian ladies from Tinder and not meet anyone with who you would like to build a serious relationship. 

There is no guarantee. 

Before making a choice – use Tinder to find a girl from Ukraine for a serious relationship, read this article: “Dating site or Matchmaking service: what is more effective for you in finding a wife in Ukraine?”

I hope my article was helpful for you!

I wish you good luck!

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  1. Alex
    | Reply

    Hello Anna,

    yes it’s true that in Europe Tinder is used more as an opportunity to find a girl for a quick date, just to have fun and spend the night together…. I think in USA is the same…It seems like in Ukraine there is a chance to find someone serious on Tinder…to build a serious relationship.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Alex,

      thank you for your comment and sharing with others your opinion.

  2. Per Nielsen
    | Reply

    I was in Kiev before the war, I used tinder on that trip, I met a girl who took me around Kiev to see all the things there are to see, I payed 100 euro for a full day of service (not sex), I met her on Tinder, the next day I was out eating with a girl I met on tinder as well, it was cozy and I followed her to the metro, she asked me to go with her home, but as the gentleman i am, I said no thanks. I have only had good experiences with Tinder in Kiev, this is just from one of my trips there, and I will be going again in July if things are not worse that now. I miss Kiev.
    I still hope to meet the one ukrainian lady that will take my heart and keep it warm.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Per,

      thank you so much for your comment. Thank you for sharing with me your experience with Tinder and Dating with Ukrainian girls in Kiev.
      Yes, let’s hope the war is going to finish soon! I wish you good luck in your searching.

  3. David
    | Reply

    I am glad to know that some guys had a great experience with Tinder in Ukraine. I was not so lucky or maybe I am not good in this online dating things…I had not so positive experience with Ukrainian girls on Tinder. I met a lot of girls who asked for sending money, prostitutions or escorts girls, married women, many profiles with fake photos.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Hello David,
      thank you so much for your comment and sharing your own experience with Tinder in Ukraine with me and others.
      Sorry for your bad experience. Yes, like on any online dating sites on Tinder there are a lot of fake profiles, liars, playing games, looking for money.
      I hope you found your Right Woman or will find her soon!

  4. Oscar
    | Reply

    Hello Anna,

    I never tried Tinder but I have tired some international dating sites with a lot of Ukrainian women.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Oscar,

      how was your experience with Dating sites?

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