Online dating Ukraine: How is it? – Personal research

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How many single people in this world?! Someone is alone because hasn’t met yet real love, someone just broke up with boyfriend/girlfriend, and someone, have been married for more than 20 years, realized how he/she is unhappy in. But each of them or us, recovering after a hard breaking and making conclusions, trying to move on and find the true love. And I think only brave people try to find soulmate abroad. Do you agree?

People of different ages, lifestyles and countries have been facing this problem for decades. In the last years, the most popular solution to help lonely hearts find their soul mates: online dating. I am sure you heard of online dating. And most of you may even have tried it.

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Online dating is simply way to meet new people as with advantages and as with disadvantages. The variety of dating sites is growing very fast. You can find many sites focused on very specific groups or interests like sites for various age groups, religions and locations.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on international online dating – one that works to bring two people together from different countries. And since I am from Ukraine and work here, I will write about online dating with Ukrainian women.

Survey results

A month ago I did a survey of over five hundred men, who were in search or continue to search for the girl from the Ukraine or Russia for a serious relationship, about online dating. The men were of different ages, social status and nationalities. Most of the men were from European countries. Age of men was 38-77 years old. The survey was conducted by email. I haven’t got answers from all the men to who sent a mail with questions, but most men willingly shared their experience!

survey result

The following questions were asked:

1) Are you still looking for a woman? Or you are not single? Or you stop to looking for? if stop, why?

2) How long time have you been looked for?

3) Where have you been looked for a woman from Ukraine or Russia (dating sites, dating agencies)? Or where are you looking for a woman?

4) What problems did you have in search for an Ukrainian or Russian lady?

5) Have you met any lady from Ukraine or Russia? if yes, where? How it was?

6) Have you found any scammers? if yes, tell about them please.

So what were the answers? I think it would be good to make out the answers for each question. So first question was about if man is still looking for a woman from Ukraine or Russia. 80% of men answered yes still looking for, 19% – stopped looking for and only 1% – have found a girlfriend. The reason for men stop looking for Ukrainian or Russian woman was an unsuccessful dating and scammers. Some of men decided to look for a woman from other countries – Latin America or Thailand. And only one man from Israel is married with woman from Kiev.

How long time have you been looked for was the second question. Most of men (80%) answered 2 years, some of them 4 years. And only small percent answered less than 1 year.

Answers on third question were dating sites with name of most famous ones. Not big percent (30%) of men have used dating or marriage agencies service. They organized and helped a meeting with the girls from these agencies, but the men didn’t have a serious and lasting relationship with ladies.

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The fourth question was about what problems men had in searching for an Ukrainian or Russian lady. 40% of men’s answers were language’s problem, because most of girls didn’t speak English. 50% men told about most of girls asked for money before meeting and found for that very different reasons, sometimes absurd situations, or asked for an expensive gifts. 10% of men’s answers were visa’s problem or men couldn’t invite the girl to them because of their personal documents problem.

About dating and meeting Ukrainian or Russian girls was the fifth question. 70% men had the experience of meeting with the girls in real. But it was just meeting and some trips to Ukraine or Russia. 20% men had a long relationship with Ukrainian or Russian women. And 10% men have never met women in real.

The sixth question was about scammers. 99% of answers was yes. The answers to this question were the most extensive. Each man tried to share his experiences.

Those were the results of my personal survey. On the basis of these answers can make some conclusions, but firstly, by only men, secondly, on the basis of the responses a little more than 500 men, and thirdly, I can’t be sure that all the men answered honestly.


Almost every second man, in response to my questions, asked for help in finding a serious Ukrainian girl. They asked if I knew a good and honest girl, if I can find a girl for a serious relationship. Some of them, ignored my request to answer questions, wrote about themselves, sent their photos and were asked to send to the girls I know.

It seemed to me that these men were in despair. And I think the request of these men, and understand how it is difficult to find a serious and honest girl for them, I had the idea of creating a marriage agency – UkrainePrincess.

Ukrainian girls


Considering my research and my own long experience in working with men, I can say that online dating Ukraine is very difficult, is not always fun and interesting, sometimes very insulting and you may be disappointed! But it works! And it’s really possible to find a good and serious Ukrainian woman, who can also fall in love with you, as you can love her.

If it will work for you? Be honest, I don’t know. I know many success stories but I know many men who gave up or have been on for years with no success. Online dating’s success is dependent upon a lot of factors — your age, your personality type, what you’re looking for, and so on. I can say with confidence dating success will depend entirely on your personality, your character. And your experience will be incomparable and priceless.

You must be sure that you really want to find a girl from Ukraine for a serious relationship and marriage. If you aren’t sure, I beg you, don’t even start, don’t waste your time and girl’s time. You need to know what kind of girl you’re looking for, her appearance, age, if she has a child. You must decide where you will find her on dating sites or using dating&marriage agency. And a lot of other factors. The main thing is being confident in you, in your desires and actions.

I can’t tell you whether online dating Ukraine will work for you or not but I can say that you won’t know until you give it a shot. If you tried and gave up, try again! Analyze your past experience, draw conclusions, both positive and negative. But drop everything bad, leave resentment and frustration and get ready for meet new people. Read my articles or articles of other experts about online dating with Ukrainian or Russian girls, watch the video, visit a few forums and read what men write about their experience, and share your own.

And my advice is use every opportunity in your search for love, because you never know where you can meet it!


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