Valentine’s Day in Ukraine: how it is and what Ukrainian girls think about this day

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Valentine's Day in UkraineYou may have noticed that in late January and early February every year, everywhere in the signs of hotels, shopping centers and shops, in supermarkets, even in gyms there are posters, shelves, decorations, products with hearts and romantic inscriptions. It’s all about Valentine’s Day.


What is Valentine’s Day? St Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of romantic love, friendship and admiration. Every year on 14 February people celebrate this day by sending postcards of love ( valentines) affection to partners, friends and family. Couples send Valentine’s Day cards, flowers and romantic gifts. They try to have a special romantic time together to honour their love for each other.


How do people feel about Valentine’s Day in Ukraine? Do Ukrainians celebrate Valentine’s Day?


When I was at school it was funny and excitingday because all the girls were waiting for a guy who walked around classrooms and deliveried postcards – valentines from the boys. It was also possible to receive some small and romantic gifts from fans. Sometimes we girls-friends gave each other valentines. In high school, it was more srious like girls were waiting for romantic surprises from their boyfriends.


In my family, we didn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, we didn’t give each other gifts. In my family, this day was perceived as a celebdation for couples in love. But I know in some Ukrainian families parents gave gifts to children or children gave gifts to parents on Valentine’s day.

Valentine's Day in Ukraine

When I studied at the University, students celebrated Valentine’s Day too. I don’t remember anything so special we did at this day. There was more celebration for couples in love.


In recent years it seems to me that Valentine’s Day in Ukraine does not lose its value, rather becomes more popular. I remember walking along the streets of Kyiv, I could see many beautiful installations near shopping malls, shops, restaurants and cafes in honor of St. Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day there was a rush in flower shops and on the streets there were many additional points where people could buy flowers, cards and balloons.


That is, walking around the city on this day you could see a lot of men with bouquets of flowers and balloons, a lot of happy couples who walked arm in arm. So one could feel the romantic atmosphere in Kiev on Valentine’s Day. I’m sure it was the same in other cities of Ukraine.


I’m sure this year, even in such harsh conditions in Ukraine, people are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day! Love is powerless and eternal! Love helps us live and move on!

Valentine's Day in Ukraine

What do you think about Valentine’s Day? What do you usually do on this day?


It’s great that people love each other, appreciate each other and can be romantic for each other!

I think that nowadays with such a difficult life, a lot of anger and aggression, a lot of problems, routine, we need days like Valentine’s Day! Think about those we love, make sure to give or do something nice, romantic gift or moments to this person! At least for one evening forget about all the difficulties in our life.


What do Ukrainian girls think about Valentine’s Day and what do they expect from this day?


How do you think? Ukrainian girls love this holiday. Especially when the girl is in a relationship. For us, this is a unique opportunity to express our romantic feelings, show imagination and creativity in choosing gifts or places of celebration. For Ukrainian ladies, this is also one of the opportunities to get the necessary attention, care from men, to feel loved, desired and happy! You know that all girls are important emotions and feelings!


Many Ukrainian ladies expect marriage proposals from their men on Valentine’s Day.


In any case, Ukrainian girls will be happy for a romantic walk with their men, a romantic dinner in a restaurant or a dinner at home by candlelight.

I think in many cities of Ukraine there are romantic squares and bridges of lovers, where lovers hang padlocks with their initials. This is a very old tradition. Perhaps when you were in Ukraine, we could see such a bridge of love in some city.


If you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman, don’t ignore Valentine’s Day. I advise you to prepare some romantic gift for your Ukrainian girlfriend and invite her to a beautiful restaurant for dinner or cook something special for her at hoe. Be romantic!

If you are at a distance, far from each other, and you do not have the opportunity to spend Valentine’s day together, I advise you to order a flower delivery or a box of chocolates with champagne with a romantic postcard for your Ukrainian woman.

She will definitely be delighted with such a surprise and will be sure that you make an effort to make her happy and loved in this Day.


Valentine's Day in Ukraine

If in the process of communicating with a girl from Ukraine, you actively correspond with her every day, you are already discussing a meeting with her, I advise you to order flower delivery for her or a bouquet of flowers with a bear or a box of chocolates on Valentine’s Day. If the girl likes you, I’m pretty sure she will expect to get something beautiful and romantic from you on this Day! Trust me, she will be happy and she will not feel lonely on Valentine’s Day because of your delivery, your attention! And believe me, she will look forward to meeting you with great impatience.


Only I beg you not to send to your Ukrainian woman these children’s valentines – pictures via Messenger!


I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!



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  1. Alex Smith
    | Reply

    Hello Anna,

    thank you for your interesting article. I agree with you that we should be and stay romantics! And give love and our attention to our loved ones, and not only on Valentine’s Day!
    I love this day and how you have written in your article it is so cute to watch men hurrying home with bouquets of flowers and young couples walking around the park hugging and kissing each other!

    Happy Valentine’s Day! Much love

  2. Anna
    | Reply

    Dear Alex,

    thank you for your nice comment. Much appreciated.
    Yes, I am always glad to see couples in love! And not just young couples. Sometimes you can meet older people walking and holding hands. It’s so cute…

    I wish you to have a Happy Valentines Day!

  3. David
    | Reply

    I love reading your articles so simply and clearly written. Valentine’s Day is popular all over the world. I also consider this a holiday like celebration for lovers, for romance.

    I hope many Ukrainians are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year too.

    Yes and yes I have heard many times that Ukrainian women adore flowers and gifts. For them it’s important:)

  4. Anna
    | Reply

    Hello David,

    thanks a lot for reading my Article and your comments. Yes, despite the situation, Ukrainians are going to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

    Happy Valentine’s Day

  5. Pierre
    | Reply

    Valentine’s Day is cool and romantic for those who are in relationships and happy relationships or married! But for those who are single or just broke up or divorced – it’s sad!

  6. Mathias
    | Reply

    I know Valentine’s Day in Ukraine is an important day! I had a relationship with Ukrainian girl from Kharkiv for 2 years…. She was soo excited about Valentine’s Day. She was so romantic at this day

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