Finding a wife in Ukraine is like walking through a minefield: an interview with one of the experts in the International Dating and Matchmaking, Alex Pinto

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Are you still searching the second half in Ukraine? You’re only at the beginning or you have gone a long way? Do you have absolutely no experience in online dating or are you already burned out of it? In any case, it will be very useful for you to read my interview with one of the experts in the International Dating and Matchmaking in Ukraine, Alex Pinto. Maybe you have heard of him? If yes, please share your experience of working with him in comments.

I met Alex for the first time to take this interview in September 2017 in Kiev. I had only pleasant memories of this meeting. I felt that I was communicating with a professional of his work, with an honest and open person. For Alex it’s really important to help a person and very often fighting with his clients because of their misunderstandings and some other problems.

Alex Pinto

In this interview, I managed to get a lot of interesting things about him, about dating in Ukraine from Alex’s many years of experience. It was very exciting to know his opinion about the current situation in dating industry, to get unique tips for you, my Dear Readers. So the most interesting is next.

Anna: How old are you?

Alex: I am 53 years old man.

Anna: Do you live in Ukraine? If yes, where do you live?

Alex: Yes, I do. I live in Poltava.

Anna: Nice. Poltava is a small and nice city. Very interesting. Where are you from?

Alex: Portugal, Lisbon.

Anna: Wow…I have been there. I had a vacation in Albuferia. And I have visited Lisbon for one day. I loved it. What education do you have?

Alex: I’m a psychologist by education.

Anna: It’s very interesting. So how did you come to Ukraine? And why Poltava?

Alex: I came to Ukraine because of a girl, who I met on a dating site and with whom I have developed a healthy relationship. She did not want to leave the country for family reasons, so I married my Ukrainian girl in in Ukraine and moved to the small town of Poltava.

Anna: Oh now I understand. How did you decide to start running dating business?

Alex: When I just moved in did not know what I could for work here. But the circumstances have developed so that I met a woman who owned a marriage agency, the same where I met my wife, can you believe?! She engaged to a British man and was planning to leave Ukraine, so I proposed to buy the agency from her, and in February 2005 in the city of Poltava I created a new marriage agency with matchmaking services I idealized at that time and manage till day. I decided to try my human resources experience and applied it to the international dating business, after seeing so many bad things around.

Anna: I can imagine how many men and girls you met, and introduced to each other and the different situations you have been for such an extended period of work. Tell me please for such a long time in the field of dating, what difficulties did you have the most?

Alex: Scammers, fake people, men with entirely unreal expectations, with psychological disorders. One of them even threatened me, and I had to ask the police to intervene to protect myself and expel him from the country. You know, everybody wants to marry a model with the values of our grandmother, but is needed to have the physical and financial conditions to achieve it!

Anna: Really?! And such things can happen.

Anna: Did you work with other Matchmakers in Ukraine?

Alex: Yes I have met a lot of them and not only in Ukraine. And I can say that most of them are not that honest and tried to steal my clients.

Anna: Oh it’s hard to trust someone in this kind of business. Do you work with any marriage agencies in Ukraine?

Alex: Yes, I do. I work with some agencies from different cities like Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev.

Anna: From which countries you usually work with men?

Alex: Most of my clients were from USA, Canada. I didn’t work much with European men.

Anna: Okay. What do you think about Dating with Ukrainian women?

Alex: Is like to walk through a minefield: you never know when you’ll step on the wrong one! It is a significant risk!

Anna: It’s funny description, but probably very skillfully conveys your opinion. What do you think about Ukraine? Ukrainian girls?

Alex: Ukrainian women remain real women. They take care a lot about their appearance. They want to stay women, be wives and mothers. And between Ukrainian women, there has always been and still now a significant competition among themselves and the men. Ukrainian men use this feature and often do not appreciate their women so many is the choice they have.

Anna: Ah interesting. Then what do you think about Ukrainian men?

Alex: Ukrainian men are indolent; do not want to earn money. They do not want to take a risk in life and step forward. They do not want to change. They do not take good care of their women and children. But it seems to me that something is changing in a right way. There are also many guys who build careers, travel a lot. I have good Ukrainian friends and know excellent husbands and fathers, but they are a minority!

Anna: Ok, thanks. How do you think is it possible for a foreigner to find love in Ukraine?

Alex: Yes, it is, but there are a lot of obstacles.

Anna: Tell me please whether something has changed in recent years in dating?

Alex: Ukrainian girls are getting smart. They do not hurry to marry. And I think before more women believe in the luck of finding love abroad than now. There are also more marriage agencies in Ukraine, most of them do not work honestly and use deceptive ways to make money. There are more scammers promoted by those agencies with many different ways to get money from naive foreigners.

Anna: What advice can you give to men who are looking for a Ukrainian woman?

Alex: Don’t date with many girls at the same time. You have to communicate a bit with a woman by email or Skype video call before a meeting. And don’t wait for a long time to come to Ukraine for the first date. After maximum 3-4 months try to go and meet her, so she sees you are committed.

Anna: How many times a man should meet a girl before asking her to marry?

Alex: I think minimum three times. Or here or in any other country!

Anna: You mean for men from the USA? What about men from Europe?

Alex: European or American they are still men, matters I think, how often they can meet the woman so in 1 year they can even be married.

Anna Ukolova, Alex Pinto

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How did you like the interview? Please write down your impression. You can’t imagine how it’s crucial for me!

I tried to clarify only the most important and exciting moments from the interview in this article. When I was interviewing Alex, I did not ask him about should men use dating site or not, what kind of dating sites, how to be careful with scammers, etc. The answers to these questions and other you can find in other articles on my Blog or by watching the videos on my YouTube Channel. Also, you can watch the video with Alex about how to avoid scammers on his YouTube channel.

A lot of information is accessible and free. The problem is not how to get it; the problem is that you do not want to use your time reading useful articles or watch video lessons about dating. As soon as you find the first or second appealing dating site with good-looking profiles you just waste your time and money there. And then you only complain about Ukrainian scammers. Scammers would not exist if would not exist men ready to be scammed.

So if you read this interview, you have already taken an important step to be successful dating a Ukrainian woman.

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6 Responses

  1. Myles Baron
    | Reply

    This was a great important interview. I’ve had many women write to me from UADreams but in 2 video chats were supposedly I can see her but she can’t see me I could tell these chats were recorded videos of the girl and not real and live. Amazing that a guy found his wife on that site.
    I don’t like the fact I can’t give a woman my details on that site as I believe to communicate with a woman online I try send as many things as I can to express my personality with music, you tube clips, photos and videos but on many sites I have to pay to send each item, so by being thorough I pay for this. It’s eye opening for me how many times the Canadian guy went to Ukraine as this has woken me up I feel.
    I don’t want to be deluded and think an amazing attractive woman will appear in my life without me going to Ukraine and I’ve learnt that just paying for a woman to come and see me in Australia is very selfish on my behalf and doesn’t show I’m serious about making my fairytale become reality.
    Keep up the great work Anna, it’s a pleasure to know you and if every dating agency was run by people with integrity like you and Alex the international dating reputation would be totally different as to how it’s perceived by many men who have been tricked, lies to and scammed.
    You are both “shining roses on a thorn bush” in my opinion.
    Best wishes, Myles

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Myles,
      yes that’s why I don’t advise to use this dating site. And this guy was lucky!
      I am glad that you didn’t give up! You will find your love in Ukraine, I am sure:)
      Thank you for such great words about me and Alex. I really appreciate it!!!!

      • Panos
        | Reply

        Good morning Anna, I am Panos 65 years old from Patras-Geece , single…
        It is my first time where direct in an agency like yours.My full name is Panos Asimakopulos where if you like find me in facebook.

  2. Jean
    | Reply

    Dear Anna,

    Once again, the quality of your work is impressive. Glad to know that some people are serious and want to develop good relations between UAD women and foreigner men. Kind regards, Jean

  3. David
    | Reply

    I know this guy…

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