Matchmaking Services in Ukraine: what are they, and how can they help you?

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When you first got the idea to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine, the first thing you probably did was register on the first dating site you liked. You thought the process of searching for a girlfriend online would be quick and easy. All you need to do is create a profile on the site, add a couple of photos of yourself, and you are ready to view the profiles of thousands of beautiful girls. Most of you send their “interest”, and some even send a mail. As it turned out in practice however, the process of finding a girlfriend online in the Ukraine is not easy and not so funny at all. Do you agree with me?


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In theory, searching for a girlfriend on dating sites seems so simple. Why is it then that many singles can’t find love online if modern technology gives them great opportunities to do everything on their own and for free?

The answer to this question is long and complicated, but I would like to highlight the five main reasons why men fail on dating sites:

  • There are scammers on all dating sites. Even the best dating site cannot completely protect themselves from scammers because they do not check each client personall.
  • Unrealistic demands and expectations. For example, a 65 year old man wants to marry a 25 year old Ukrainian girl. On top of this, he believes such a young lady would be sincerely interested in him. What do you think?
  • Most men do not put in the necessary work to create a nice profile on a site, or they simply don’t know how to do. They need to complete all the required fields, write something interesting and impressive about themselves, and of course take and add a couple of nice personal photos. All of the above is so important for attracting the interest of Ukrainian women.
  • All of a guy’s attempts to meet nice girls in the Ukraine end with correspondence with them on dating sites or by private contacts. After awhile, most women say, “You are a good man, but we can be only friends”. Some of them stop responding altogether, or even block phone numbers.
  • Many men sit on dating sites for years, have tried almost all known websites and apps, traveled to the Ukraine several times for dates, but all their efforts and attempts ended in failure.

Do you recognize yourself in some of these scenarios, or are you new to dating sites?

In any case, you are lucky that you are reading this article now because I want to tell you about a completely different way to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine: a Matchmaking Service.

Anna Ukolova, The Matchmaker

You may have heard about this, and maybe you have used the services of a Matchmaker in the Ukraine. If you have, please share with me your experiences in the comments section.


For now, let’s find out what a Matchmaker is and how he/she can help you.

The Matchmaker is a person who finds a great match for singles by introducing people to each other, and arranging communication and meetings with the purpose of creating a couple.

A Personal Matchmaker is a professional guide with great experience in dating who helps singles to find love, and get into a relationship that leads to marriage.

A Professional Matchmaker is a person with great communication skills, many years of experience, good in psychology, has a good intuition, and projects positive vibes.



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How can a Matchmaker help you to find a girlfriend/wife in the Ukraine?

  • Working as your coach. After analyzing your past experiences with dating, the Matchmaker can show you why your attempts to find a beautiful girl in the Ukraine failed. He/she will help you understand why you keep meeting the wrong people.
  • Being your guide while The Matchmaker gives you some useful tips and tricks and supports you during the entire process.
  • The Personal Matchmaker saves you time while searching. He/she cares about finding some great matches as per your specific interests and requirements.
  • You will only meet real and serious women who are sincerely interested in you. The women who attract you, who share common interests, who want the same things as you, who probably have the same view of life as you, and who are looking for the same relationship as you are.
  • The Matchmaker cares about your trip and stay in Ukraine.  He/she can arrange a transfer for you from the airport to your hotel, find great accommodations for you, and arrange a city tour and some activities during your time in Ukraine so you have a nice and safe trip.
  • Considering all of the above, the Personal Matchmaker prevents and reduces stress. You will enjoy dating Ukrainian ladies, and are more likely to meet your soul mate.

Mathmaking services

As you probably already know, dating sites often lead to confusion regarding what kind of girl you want, a lot of misunderstandings, deceit, and disappointment. With a Matchmaker, you get an individual working with you. A person who will work with your personality, with your needs, and your requests. You won’t be alone in the “cruel world” of dating anymore because you will have an assistant and supporter. Doesn’t that sound wonderful?

In the Ukraine, Matchmaker services are just developing. Many marriage agencies that have been working in dating for years have changed their focus towards matchmaking. There are a limited number of good matchmakers in the Ukraine, but there are some professional ones with great experience.

I interviewed and wrote an article about one of them which can be read here.

Your task is to find a good Matchmaking Agency with a Professional Matchmaker, and then listen to his/her advice. How can you do it?

Here is some advice for you:

  • Before choosing a Matchmaking Agency, look if they have their own website so you can read about them including their services, prices, and more. Check out their Social media profiles, and what they publish there.
  • Pay attention to the reputation and experience of this agency. Are they members of prestigious alliances? Do they take part in any dating conferences or big professional forums?
  • Check to see that the agency respects their clients’ Are they different in terms of their quality, efficiency, and professionalism?

Now you know of another way and opportunity to find your love in the Ukraine. I only hope this article will help you make the right choice on the path to personal love and happiness!


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    Dear Anna … I am a longtime roman Compass agency and agency I have contacted many girls and most of them are serious about looking for a husband or a relationship but the problem is in getting my visa, I prefer to go to the girl’s town and stay with her there or come to Iraq and we live in the Iraqi Kurdistan city of Arbil, because the region is safe and protected by US forces.

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    Hi , i’m ghobad 44years old and manager of Bank i’m so kind,open mind and loyal ,i like traveling , walking , sport and buying so i like have a partner that be near me in whold life

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    I heard that there are matchmakers in the USA. It’s very popular there! I did not know that there is such a service in Ukraine

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      yes, there are a lot of Matchmakers in Ukraine.

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