Travel to Ukraine in 2017: is it safe?

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As you are looking for Ukrainian girlfriend you might think about traveling to Ukraine now or later. And I advise to come to Ukraine for the first meeting with a girl you found online. But the horrible information about the war in Ukraine, poverty, robbery and attacks from newspaper pages or news on TV might scare you. And that’s normal. Almost everyday I get the most common questions from my clients, readers of my blog or just men, who need my advice, about the situation in Ukraine and if it is safe to come there.
In this article, I will answer a question that bothers everyone, give advice about staying safely in Ukraine. Also I will give some dating tips about meeting with Ukrainian girl here.

Is it war in Ukraine?

The situation in Ukraine is very complex and the war continues. I inform you that hostilities is going not in the whole territory but in Eastern part of the country and even not covering all regions. The “war zone” is in Donetsk and Lugansk regions. So you can courageously travel to Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk and Zaporozhye without worrying about anything. Life there like in other parts of Ukraine has not changed since the beginning of the war and passes as usual. When you come here you won’t even notice that this country is in war, unless you watch the news or see the men dressed in military uniforms, who came back from war home or going there.


Is it dangerous to visit Ukraine?

Every person living in Ukraine or a tourist, who has visited this place, will tell you with confidence it’s not! Of course, if you are not going to visit Donetsk or Lugansk.
You will feel safe and calm. Staying in a hotel, walking along the streets, sitting in a cafe or bar you will not have any worries about something bad happening to you. I would like to tell you when I was walking alone late in the evening in the city center in Berlin I felt more unsafe and uncomfortable than I walked in Kiev on the main square. It seemed there are more crazy and strange people in the street than in the capital of Ukraine.

If you get problems and need someone’s help, for sure you will find people who try to fix your problems or tell you where you should go and how to get somewhere. That’s true that most Ukrainians don’t speak English or know only some simple words. But trust me someone knowing some words can help you. At least, you can use online translator on your phone. Almost everybody who has been in Ukraine told me how friendly Ukrainians are. One of my clients asked me if it’s true that Ukrainian men can hurt a man from another country because he is a foreigner. That’s made me laugh.

In famous and big Ukrainian cities you would see a lot of tourists from different countries outside, hotels, in restaurants and bars. Some came as tourists, others for business trip, and some, single men, came to date with Ukrainian women. You could know that I visited Lviv in August, I was surprised to see so many foreigners with Ukrainian ladies every day. Therefore, I came up with the idea of interviewing one of these men and writing an article. I found a man from Italy who is living in Ukraine for a long time and has a business in Lviv. If you read my post “What Italian man tells about Dating Ukrainian Women: learn from his experience», you could know that. He shared with me his great experience living in Lviv and dating with Ukrainian girls. You haven’t read that article yet? Do it after you finish reading with this post.


Of course, as in any country, you can meet deceivers and scammers. Don’t go to questionable places, don’t get drunk, don’t get in touch with strangers, be sane all the time and you will be fine. And I give some Safe Advice for staying in Ukraine:
Do not visit alone Nightclubs or Strip clubs. I do not like going to nightclubs when I’m traveling. A place is not only with a lot of dancing and fun, but also with a lot of alcohol, drugs and inadequate people. You are a foreigner, do not know Russian or Ukrainian, dishonest people will use this and try to somehow breed you for money. Don’t go to Nightclubs for finding Ukrainian girlfriend. Some girls will try to use you for taking expensive drinks and paying for their taxi. And they may want to meet you the next day in order to get expensive gifts from you, shopping.
Do not get very drunk. Of course, I understand on vacation you would like to get relaxed and have fun by drinking alcohol. But getting drunk in an unfamiliar country can be dangerous. There will always be those who will take advantage of this in a bad way. So control yourself with alcohol and be careful.
Make sure you have the connection and the Internet on your phone. As you are in a foreign country it’s possible you will be in such situation as you don’t know where you are, how you can get to your hotel or apartment. So you must have a phone connection and the Internet all the time. Especially when you need some help. You can use Roaming or buy Ukrainian phone card.
Order Transfer from An Airport to hotel or apartment you are going to stay. So you do not only save time and money, but you will get no stress and worries about how to get to the right place. It’s always nice when someone meets you at an airport, takes you to hotel and maybe gives you nice advice about staying in this city.


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Traveling around Ukraine is it safe?

If you arrived in Ukraine with a tourist purpose and want to visit not only Kiev then you need to think about traveling around Ukraine. Believe me, in Ukraine there are so many beautiful places that you should see.
Traveling around a country is not as difficult as it may seem. And it’s very safe. So leave all doubts and go on a tour around Ukraine. By the way, my next article will be devoted to this topic. So subscribe to my blog and you will learn many interesting things about Ukraine.
The best way of going to another city in Ukraine is by airplane. Big cities of the country, like Lviv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk ( and other have an airport. And you can book your flight from Kiev to any of these places from your country online.
Most Ukrainian people travel around the country by train. Why you can’t try to take a train? You can buy a ticket in the Internet. In Ukraine most trains are night but you can travel during the day also. My boyfriend loves traveling by night train here.
Of course, you can take a bus for traveling. You will see the country, small villages, forests and fields. But in such crowded places like train or bus stations you need to be careful and pass your stuff, don’t leave them alone.
You can order taxi to get to another city but it will be very expensive. To find a place to stay is very easy in the Internet.
And it’s possible when traveling around Ukraine to meet your future wife or just a friend.

What to do if a girl you met online doesn’t live in Kiev?

If you come for dating with Ukrainian girl but she doesn’t live in Kiev it is not a problem. I always meet men who don’t want to date with girls who are not from Kiev or Odessa. And that’s not right. Because you can lose a chance to meet your real love, your souls mate.
There are some options how to meet a girl who is from another city: you will travel to her city and stay there. Also you can invite a girl to come to Kiev or Odessa for meeting with you and travel together to her city. And you can ask a girl to come to Kiev for a date and stay with you.
As you can see, there are many options to meet. The main thing is to choose the most optimal and convenient way and place for you both.


Should you visit Ukraine?

As you decided to find a girlfriend in Ukraine, then you should at least once go there. As I wrote before I advise you to come here for the first date with a girl you met on dating site. I think it will be easier, faster than she travels to you. And you will have no worries that you spent so much money on her journey to you and girl will not come. I am sure she would feel more confident, calm and safe meeting you in Ukraine. And what is very important to understand, for a girl is a great importance that you go to her country only for seeing her. She might think you are a serious man and really like her.
Even if your meeting does not happen and something goes wrong, you can always invite someone for a meeting from a dating site. You should always have a spare plan.
Traveling to Ukraine for dating is a nice opportunity to visit amazing places, learn traditions and try Ukrainian cuisine. Also learn more about this country, people here, women. And discover something new for yourself. Crown all the myths about Ukraine and get your personal experience. That is very important.
Staying in Ukraine and traveling around would seem very cheap for you. You will not spend much money for transport, apartment and food.


If after reading this post, you have doubt about safe visiting Ukraine then it’s only one way for you is come here. I hope you have received answers to all important questions regarding going to Ukraine, you no longer worry about staying here and found out what is the best place for a first date with Ukrainian women. Hope I changed your mind about communication with girls from other cities, not only famous ones like Kiev, Lviv and Odessa. There are also a lot of nice girls.
Prepare your trip, think and plan your stay here. You are going to travel to Ukraine for dating but not sure everything will go fine so make out what you can do if something goes wrong. Be reasonable, vigilant and stay positive in any situations. If you listen to my advice, you can be sure your trip to Ukraine will be fine and you will wish to come back.
Ukraine is a large and amazing country with an ancient history, wonderful culture and traditions. Try to discover Ukraine for yourself. And who knows, maybe a trip to Ukraine will change your life forever!

Found this post very useful so share it with your friends? Got some questions? Ask them me and write in comments. I will answer all the questions with pleasure. And of course share with me your experience of your trip to Ukraine.

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12 Responses

  1. Zygmunt
    | Reply

    Hello Anna!
    Thank you for interesting useful information.
    I have one question to you. I am afraid such situation: I will come on Ukraine on date with woman with whom I exchange a letters. But she is a member of gang and want to win money from my credit card.
    If you heard about such situation?
    I will be grateful for your reply, dear Anna.
    Best regards,

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Zygmunt,
      thank you for comment and question. No I haven’t heard about this kind situation. I advice you ask this woman her phone number or skype and communicate with her by camera before travel to Ukraine. Also I advice you to arrange a first meeting in public place or in the restaurant in the city center and on day in Ukraine. Then you will see if you can trust her. If you feel something wrong, don’t go with her to Night Club or bar late in the evening/night.

  2. Paco
    | Reply

    Dear Anna,
    I traveled to Ukraine last month and had a great experience! Everything you say in your article is absolutely true. Even though I was in Kiev only, I explored the city and went to places that no tourists go to. I took the Metro to where it ends, I took a tram from there and walked some blocks araound that area. There was not a single moment in which I felt at danger or threatened. People are very helpful and even though most don’t speak English, they try to make your stay a good experience. I lost my flight comming in so my whole reservation was cancelled. The people at the Ukranian airline solved the problem always with a smile and an excelent service.
    You will find people on the streets asking for money. You can give them some money or tell them nicely that you can’t. They will not insist or get angry at you.
    I liked the spirit of the country so much, that I want to go back before the end of the year.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Paco,
      thank you for a nice comment. I am very glad that you had a great time in Ukraine and have a good memory about Ukrainian people. Yes I think the spring is the best time you should go to Ukraine.

  3. ali
    | Reply

    I’m looking for a Ukrainian girl for marriage
    What can I do

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Thanks for comment. You can look by yourself using dating sites or matchmaker’s service

  4. اغانى
    | Reply

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  5. Bernie
    | Reply

    Hi Anna I’m from
    Canada,and have been talking and Skype with a lady from Ukraine,is it safe for
    Me to meet her there in ukraine

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Bernie,
      yes it’s safe. Don’t worry if someone steals you or maims you. I can not of course say with certainty that the girl with whom you communicated will come to a meeting with you.

  6. Frank
    | Reply

    Hi Ana is that true if I have a hotel room I cannot take any gust to my room? And if I rent a apartment is that safe ?
    And how much money do I need for one week to have a good time in Kharkov

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Hi Frank,
      I don’t think you can’t take a gust for your room for visit you or stay for night. Yes if thie apartment is in the center of city.
      I don’t live in Kharkov I don’t know prices for hotels and apartments. I have a partner in Kharkov. If you want they can help with everything.

  7. turis info
    | Reply

    Excellent post. I was checking continuously this blog and I am impressed!
    Extremely useful information specially the last part
    🙂 I care for such info much. I was seeking this particular information for a
    long time. Thank you and good luck. – Armand

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