What Italian man tells about Dating Ukrainian Women: learn from his experience

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Do you enjoy dating? if yes, you are lucky and it’s great. Because most people don’t. And it’s normal. Why? The dating is not always fun and exciting, but it can be boring, no chemistry, much lies, and disappointments. As a dating coach and a person who used to dating, I understand how difficult is not ti give up, try again and again. And actually it’s right. The only way to find love is dating. One dating, two dating … more dating. With every new dating you can learn about something new, get new experience, even bad experience is good experience, and have more opportunities to find your soul mate.

Whether you’re meeting women online or in real life, in this post I’d like to share with you experience of the one who is looking for love in Ukraine.

When I was in Lviv on holiday last summer I have saw so many foreign men dated with Ukrainian girls. And I got an idea to take an interview with one of them. And I found Maurizio from Italy. He was very courteous and gladly agreed to give me an interview and tell me about his dating experience.


Anna: Thank you for taking some time off from your busy schedule to answer a few questions about your life and your dating experience!

Maurizio: It’s my pleasure.

Anna: Tell me about yourself a bit.

Maurizio: I am from Italy but last 5 years I live in Ukraine, Lviv. I have business with my friend here. I have been married and I am divorced now. I don’t have kids.

Anna: How old are you? How long time have you been married? Is your ex wife was from Italy too?

Maurizio: I am 48 years old. I have been married 12 years. She is from Austria.

Anna: Okay, thanks. What kind of business do you have in Ukraine? How did you get an idea to make business here?

Maurizio: I have a restaurant in Truskavets. When it was the economic crisis in Italy, I decided to set up a business somewhere else. At first I thought about opening a restaurant in the Czech Republic, in Prague. I found a good place to rent, but it was expensive. Then I met my Ukrainian friend and he asked me to take a risk and open a restaurant in Ukraine. I thought about it and agreed. Now we have a nice and successful restaurant in Truskavets.

Anna: It’s a great. Hope you enjoy working in Ukraine. What do you think about Ukraine? Lviv?

Maurizio: I like this country. And I like Lviv. Life has changed here. Lviv is becoming more European. The service is getting better than 5 years ago. More tourists come to Lviv every year.

Anna: Nice to hear. Have you been to other cities? What do you think about Ukrainian people? You work with them.

Maurizio: No. I have been to Kiev too. I like Ukrainians. But they are lazy, don’t want to work hard. And in our restaurant we had to fire a few bartenders for theft. They stole money from the cash register. But I can say that Ukrainian people are kind and positive. They know how to have fun and relax.

Anna: Okay. Sorry for your bad experience in working here. What about Ukrainian girls?

Maurizio: Of course, they are the most beautiful women in the world. Ukrainian girls are funny and like to enjoy life. They are open-minded and like to talk. Girls can speak about everything. They can care about you nice. But they are changing too. 5 years ago you could meet more girls on high shoes in the street than now. They are becoming more European, especially students. And not many girls can speak English.

Anna: Okay, thank you. It’s a very interesting opinion. Are you single?

Maurizio: Yes, I am.

Anna: How long?

Maurizio: 1 year. I don’t date during last year.

Anna: Did you take a break? Why?

Maurizio: I wanted to concentrate only on my business. Dating and relationship take a lot of time. And I wanted to have a quite life. I didn’t have any spirit for dating.

Love Lviv

Anna: Okay, I understand. But I know you have a profile on international dating site. Right?

Maurizio: Yes, I have one. And I check it out sometimes. But I am not an active member and I don’t write to girls there.

Anna: But the girls send mails to you on this dating site?

Maurizio: Yes, sometimes. But it’s nothing special.

Anna: For how long time have you been dating with Ukrainian girls?

Maurizio: All my time I am here but not last year.

Anna: What were you looking for? Just fun or love?

Maurizio: Not just fun. I was looking for a girlfriend.

Anna: Have you ever had a long-term relationship with Ukrainian girl?

Maurizio: Yes, I lived with her.

Anna: Tell me about her. How old was she? How long time have you been in relationship with her? Why did you or she break up?

Maurizio: When I met her she was 23 years old. She was the last year student at university. I proposed to live with me and she agreed. We lived together for 6 months. She wanted to move to Kiev. She lives in Kiev now.

Anna: Did you support her when she was with you?

Maurizio: Yes, I paid for everything.

Anna: Okay. What about other girls you dated with?

Maurizio: It was just some dating. With some girls I dated like 1 or 2 months.

Anna: How do you think what was the problem with these girls?

Maurizio: Some of them had kids. It’s not for me. They reproached me that I am not interested in their children. Other girls were too young and were interesting only in fun and gifts.

Anna: Did you buy any presents to these girls?

Maurizio: Yes, they asked me about that.

Anna: Really? After how many dates did they ask you to buy anything?

Maurizio: Yes, after 2-3 dates. They asked me to buy shoes or dress.

Anna: Okay. Where did you usually meet Ukrainian girls?

Maurizio: In disco or bar. There are a lot of beautiful and young girls in disco. And if you go to disco-club on Saturday you will see many foreign men there.

Anna: Okay. Where are these men from? How old are they usually ?

Maurizio: They come from Turkey, Italy and Germany. Some men come from USA. But the most men are Turkish. They are different ages, from young to old.

Anna: Okay. What you think is your problem with dating Ukrainian girls?

Maurizio: Well… It’s not easy. I usually date with young girls. They are very active. They sleep much so in the evening they don’t want to sit at home, watch TV and relax. They want to have fun everyday. They want to go to restaurant, disco, shopping. They make drama sometimes. I get tired of it fast.

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Anna: So maybe you should date with older woman? With woman of your age?

Maurizio: Maybe.

Anna: How is it dating with girls from Ukraine?

Maurizio: It’s hard. But the situation is changing. I mean 5 years ago forgery men could come to disco, just showed at he is not Ukrainian and many pretty girls tried to communicate with them. Now it’s not enough. Today girls look what a man is wearing, how he looks, acts and speaks. So be foreign for approach Ukrainian girl is not enough now. Many young girls, students, are looking for a rich man. Because they study at university, need to pay for apartment, buy food and clothes. So sometimes it’s very hard to understand she is interested in you or your money.

Anna: What is your plan for the next year?

Maurizio: My plan is working, improving my business. I am thinking of opening a new restaurant in Lviv. Also I have a restaurant in Italy. My sister manages it but she got some problems and she needs my help.

Anna: Okay. Are you going back to dating with Ukrainian women? Looking for love?

Maurizio: Yes, I am.

Anna: Ok, it’s great. Don’t give up! What advice can you give to men who are looking for a girlfriend in Ukraine?

Maurizio: Be patient and work hard for that. Also be careful with girls who are looking for money.

Anna: Thank you very much. Can I take a pic with you?

Maurizio: No sorry.

Anna: Okay, I understand. I wish you good luck in your new searching! It was nice to meet you!

Maurizio: Thank you. Yes it was nice to see you too.

This meeting and interview was taking 29 August 2016 year in Lviv.

Maurizio is just one of many thousands of men who have been dating with Ukrainian girls. He has his special and personal experience. But from his experience I can see he faced with the same problems that many of you: the language barrier, meeting very young and not serious girls, and choose a wrong place for dating. I hope Maurizio made positive and negative conclusions from his past dating. And he is looking for a girlfriend now. Or maybe he has found already. Are you curious?

I hope you enjoy reading this interview. Would you like to share your experience and your story with me? Please, feel free to leave comments or contact me by email.


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