Ukrainian women: Who are they? What makes them to be special from all rest?

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I think the majority of my blog readers are foreigner’s men who have heard that Ukraine’s women are the most beautiful. I’m sure they agree with this opinion. And this is a major, and perhaps the only reason, why men from other countries choose as brides Ukrainian girls.

But what else do they, and You, know about women from Ukraine? Someone of you would say: «It is very easy to get them in bed». «Ukrainian girl’s are looking for marry with rich man. They need only money from men» – would say men who had a bad experience in dating. So are they really like that?

In this article I’d tell you about Ukrainian women who are renowned not only for their beauty but intelligence, femininity and strong family values, making them highly sought after as spouses, lovers and companions.

So what’s so special you have to know about Ukraine’s women?

Ukrainian girls can conquer your heart not only her beauty, but also her intellect, kindness and caring. I suggest to consider 8 special the quality of Ukrainian women. You have to read!

1. More feminine than women from Europe and USA

Ukrainian women care very much about about their appearance. They spend a lot of time for make up and clothes selection. Most of them wear high heels everyday on work or go to the restaurant or even go to the supermarket.

I remember one of my friend from Nederland, when he have been in Kiev, was so surprised, asked me: «Why do so many women wear high heels? It’s very uncomfortable». I didn’t know what to answer because that’s normal in Ukraine.

Ukrainian girls prefer bright and causing clothes: dresses with deep decollete, short skirts, tight pants. And of course, saturated makeup, bright color of nails. Ukrainian girl always stands out from the crowd in any city in Europe and beyond.

Ukraine’s women differ from European emotional and irascibility. Most of Ukrainian girls are very romantic and passionate. They will write to you romantic messages, make little surprises, send a lot of pics with them. But they will expect the same from you.

They are also very affectionate, jealous. But if you show to them all your love, show your caring so you get sympathy, understanding and support from them.

girls from Ukraine

2. Family oriented

Most Ukrainian girls since the early childhood dream to meet “her prince”, marry him and live a long and happy life. In our society every girl should get married as early as possible, and have a family, create a comfort of home, raise children. If they can’t find a suitable partner at home or they have been married and disappointed in Ukrainian men, they try to find a husband from abroad.

With much love and tenderness Ukrainian women care for children. They care so much about kids health and development.

3. Good housewife

Our women cook good, know how to keep the house clean, take care of your family comfort. In your home will be always a full order and every thing is in place. They know where the best grocery stores in your area, where it is cheaper to buy this or that thing. Tips for housekeeping and family life are passed on from generation to generation. They prefer homemade food and baked goods. Traditional Ukrainian dishes cook only by family recipes.

For many of our women cook a nice breakfast or dinner for you is a way to show her love.

Ukrainian women like all Ukrainian are very hospitably. They happily take your guests at home. And a lot to prepare for their arrival: good looks and cook many delicious. Your guests are offered at least a cup of coffee and home-made cake.


4. Very entrepreneurial

Women from Ukraine are smart and strong. They have a higher education and a lot of talent. Our women are very smart and always find a way out of difficult situations, be able to solve a serious problem. All these features and not easy life in Ukraine help our women survive even in the most difficult conditions.

Our women are incredible capacity for work. Some women have more than one job to provide for her family, but they have the time for care how they look, make sports and go to the beauty salon. And they are at the same time a good friend, a loving wife and mother.

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5. Talent

Almost every woman in Ukraine is very talented. That can be an amateur and professionally. Ukrainian women love to sing and dance. Frequented various circles and clubs. And also many of them love to cook. They are constantly in search of new recipes. Some like to do handmade: sewing, sew and painting. So if a girl gave you an embroidered picture or a toy, you can be sure she made it by herself and with love.

6. Very loyal

The girls from the Ukraine are very loyal. They will be the most devoted friend, your best advisor, critic, and even a doctor, if you get sick. Our ladies are caring and gentle. They are a reliable shoulder, no matter what happens, and we are ready to solve any problem together.

Ukrainian woman believe that her husband is the best man in the world. They believe that he is the most talented, the most powerful and the most intelligent.


7. Very demanding

Most Ukrainian women are very demanding to themselves and to others. And off course their future partner. They don’t want a guy who will love them madly. They want to be madly in love with the best man in the world.

It’s very important for them how you look, so they will go with you for shopping or they will buy clothes for you. And remind to you go for a hairdresser and a shave. Also important is good manners and act like the gentleman. So you have to open doors, to help put on a coat, take her handbag. And don’t forget to buy flowers to her time to times!

8. Traditional

Ukrainian people are still more traditional than people from other countries. Ukrainian women respect family values. They are very respectful to elders, appreciate parents. I think almost all women are religious. Many of them know the prayers and go to church.

As you can see, Ukrainian women are different from American or European women not only because of attractive appearance, but also a special mentality and femininity. I tried to highlight the common features of all Ukrainian women. This doesn’t mean that every woman you met or will meet will have these features. Each woman is individual as each person.

If you carefully read the article and understood who are Ukrainian girls, rebuild your communication and behavior with them so as to win the heart of Ukrainian girl. If it happen, believe me she will make you the happiest man in the world!

Hope I helped you to know better about Ukrainian women, more understand them!And fine your UkrainePrincess!

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15 Responses

  1. Anna
    | Reply

    Dear Terry,
    Thank you for text me. I’d like to help you so please send me mail on with your pics.

  2. Joseph wheeler
    | Reply

    I am 53 I’m looking for a very nice woman that wants a home and children and a man who loves her very much and will never be mean to her and always love her! I’m kinda different I Know! But I’m a hard working man with values and I have so much love you Share! Please this is my message in a bottle!

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Joseph, thank you for comment. Send me mail on my email

  3. Joel
    | Reply

    Anna Very good article, they sound awesome. Just would like you to find more age appropriate I’m 56 say 40 45 ? Thx

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Thank you, Joel. Ok check out page with my Agency.

  4. Carlos Jorge P. Ferreira
    | Reply

    Hello Anna,
    Thank you for your nesteatention Shout the Ukrainian women, I do not know much, but now I know a litle more and thank you for that.
    I really wish to ver married with an Ukrainian Lary, just because for what I see in london and see in pictures from sense long time, my Heart always smile when I think in ah Ukrainian lady.
    Hope I can be a man for a sweet Lady from Ukrain.
    Thanks for your kind attention

    Carlos Jorge

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Carlos, thank you for nice comment. I am sure you will find your Ukrainian princess.

  5. splashes
    | Reply

    I know that Ukrainian men will kill anyone who offends or bites a Ukrainian woman

    • Anna
      | Reply

      How could you know that? I never heard about this kind of situation.

  6. Niels Bang
    | Reply

    Ukrainian women: Who are they? What makes them to be special from all the rest?

    I have just read above article here on the site and would like to add some comments!
    Not that I know everything about Ukraine but anyway as a foreigner I have quite good knowledge to the Ukrainian culture

    I have visited Ukraine several times recent years – my first visit was in 2003 and last visit 2014.
    8 times I have been Ukraine and have spent a total of approx 7 months in the country. 5 out of the 8 times I travelled in my own private car. I have been driving from the Polish boarder to Donetsk in East and from Kharkov to Sevastopol in South. I have been passing through most bigger cities in Ukraine and have had my meals at random eateries and restaurants along the roads and during the travel slept in random Hotels or rented apartments.
    Every where I have been treated very kind and respecful, everybody I have met have been polite and helpful to me when asked for a way, when I have searched for accommodation, when I have been shopping in stores – in all cases I have been treated with kind helpfulness..
    Why have I been vacationing in Ukraine and why do I want to comment on the article?
    I have made my vacations in Ukraine because when I attended school we learned about Crimea, Yalta, the meeting of the big three – Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin, and we learned about the Catacombs in Odessa during WW2. Later I became fascinated by the Orange Revolution and Maidan Nezalezhnostia and after the Soviet collapse and the Visa free travel I decided to experience it on location.
    Another reason is also that I’m not a wealthy European and I found out Ukraine is a fantastic cheap tourist country, and I saw that even people in some way lived like Danish people did just after the 2. WW they were happy, smiling and I experienced a Family life similar to what it was in Denmark in my Childhood after WW 2. I was very curios to know what this European country was hiding .as it had been closed for being explored for so many decades.
    But – when it is said that Ukrainian women are the most beautiful in the World I can only agree with some modifications.
    Some women and especially in the big cities are beautiful – like in the West. There are many Hairdressers, Beautusaloons and Nail Clinics and as labour wage is the lowest in Europe many women go for beauty treatment.. There are also many plastic surgeries for those who have money.
    I have never been married to an Ukrainian lady, but I have experienced how family minded they are – they really care about children and husband much more than western women do. Unfortunately I also experienced that many Ukrainian men and women have opposite view on family life. A great deal of Ukrainian men prefer use their free time with male friends opposite majority of western men who spend their free time with the family.
    But what became kind of a chock to me was that most Apartments had 2 doors out to the stairs. First a steel door with 2 or 3 Locks. Next behind that dor a nice wooden door with 1 or 2 Locks before came into the Apartment. It was very strange and unusual for a Dane to experience that the need to keep the burglers out were that large. The same was the case for cars. A car could not just be left in the streets or in a parking lot – it was necessary to bring it to a guarded area and pay people to look after it – if didn’t there might be no car the day after or at least several parts of the car was missing.
    Now 13 year later it is safer but anyway I still think about that what we were taught in our childhood – the socialist countries were more social, more honest, less corrupt, and nobody would steel form others. Maybe all the lies, killings, thefts and corruptions were created in the Soviet era – but because of a very though control from police it was kept down. At present It’s my impression that it’s getting worse and worse as the opportunities to support a family in normal way worsen for every year.
    I am incredibly fascinated by the Ukrainian women’s courage, willpower, entrepreneurship and single mothers ability to cope with the harsh living conditions in Ukraine – but they are not from nature more beautiful than women in other countries – but they do more to preserve and Highlight their femininity than western women.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Niels,
      thank you so much for so information and interesting comment about your own experience of visiting Ukraine. And It was very excited to read your comments about Ukrainian women. I agree with you!

  7. Alex
    | Reply

    I have never met a Ukrainian girl in reality, but the article is very interesting!

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Thank you!

  8. David
    | Reply

    I know several men here who are married to Ukrainian girls. They seem very happy. At least none of them have complained yet.:)

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Nice to know:)

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