A Dating Expert Tips — How to Find a Girlfriend in Ukraine (Online)

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Would you like to meet a nice girl in Ukraine? Are you looking for a serious relationship? What’s the best way? Read how to find a girlfriend online is here.

In this article, I’ll take you through the three best online places to meet an Ukrainian’s girl.

1. Online Dating Sites

Online dating is now the norm for meeting people, especially when you are looking for a partner from another country. But when it comes to dating sites, the choice is very large. So, which site should you choose?

My first piece of advice is: choose a site which has a free account. You can register for free, create a profile for free and see what girls are on the site. If the girls show an interest in your profile and text you, then you can move on to a paid membership, so you can write to girls and read their letters.

Don’t register on sites where you have to pay for each message or each word in a message that you send, or even just to show an interest.

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I’d like to recommend Five Dating sites which I think are quite good and effective. All of these sites have been checked and used by me, my clients and my friends. The girls’ profiles are verified, and fraudulent profiles are deleted. They are:

http://www.russiancupid.com/ on this dating site you can find girls from Ukraine also.
https://dmpayment.com (http://www.lovewife.ru/)


2. Online Dating Apps

Meet your soul mate – every man’s dream. Dating apps are great for meeting people on the go, especially when you don’t have much time to sit at a computer. Millions of people are now using dating apps to meet and talk to new people. Since the goal is getting a lovely girl from Ukraine, choose your dating app wisely.

You can use your Facebook account for register on these apps. You can download on iTunes, on Google play.


I recommend these three apps. They are among the world’s most popular free apps for dating:




3. Make Use of Social Media

Almost everyone in the world uses social networks now. Someone people use them to communicate with friends, some to share photos and events from their lives, while others use them to promote their business or brand. So why not try to use social networks for dating?! While there are hundreds of social media sites out there, I’ve found the top 2 that are good for socializing with women from Ukraine who can turn into girlfriends.

VKontakte – https://vk.com

I think many of you have heard of such social networks as VKontakte. This social network is widely used and very popular in Ukraine, Russia. According to SimilarWeb, “VKontakte” is the most popular website in Russia and Ukraine, and the 4th in the world. According to Alexa Internet, it is the third most popular site in Russia and Ukraine, so I’m sure every girl uses this social network. It’s not just a good way to communicate with the girl, it also a way to learn about her and her life, friends. As well as opportunity to find out more about a girl you might have met on a dating site.

Follow my Channel in Telegram to get more interesting and useful information about Ukraine, Ukrainian women and dating with Ukrainian ladies.


Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/

This is one of the world’s most famous and popular social network. Facebook is gaining popularity in Ukraine, at the moment and many women are actively using it.

Look for local groups about things that are important or interesting to you. It can be about traveling, or about Ukraine. Most importantly, interact with other members and get involved. Don’t just limit your interactions to pretty faces. You never know who is reading and paying attention to what you do in these groups, so just be yourself and get to know new people.

You can also use Facebook to comb through your friends’ friends. You can check to see maybe someone of your friend is also looking for a girlfriend from Ukraine. Or maybe one of your friends has a Ukrainian girlfriend, and you can ask your friend to give you some tips. You can ‘poke’ them and find a connection.

I hope you found this article helpful, and I wish you luck finding your Ukrainian girlfriend!

Found this post very useful so share it with your friends? Got some questions? Ask them me and write in comments. I will answer all the questions with pleasure. And of course share with me your experience about dating with Ukrainian ladies.

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22 Responses

  1. greg krecker
    | Reply

    what about the site Jump4love? Is it ok?

    • Mark
      | Reply

      Jump4love is a total scam

      • Anna
        | Reply

        Dear Mark, I think you are right. Because I have got many mails from men about complain on this site.

  2. Anna
    | Reply

    Thank you, Greg for question. I’ve never heard about this site! I checked and I was surprised that I could not find the information how I am as girl can register on this site, see the profiles of men. And girls profiles and photos look very professional. Not every girl will do the professional photo session for a dating site. It makes me think at it is not dating site, but the dating agency. Many girls look unreal. And perhaps the man to pay for the girl or contact for each sent message. Therefore, I doubt that a lot of real and serious girls on this site.

  3. greg krecker
    | Reply

    what is the difference between a dating site and a dating agency?

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Greg,
      the dating site and the dating agency are very different from each other the principle of the work, effectiveness and payment. The Dating site is an online platform, where people communicate with each other by yourself. People register by self, create profiles, communicate and exchange personal contacts on the dating site. But the dating agency usually register membership on their web site, usually they create girls profiles. And usually man has to pay for text to the girl or for every mail to send to this girl. And off course, man can meet this girl over the dating agency. But every dating agency works in difference way with difference price.

  4. greg krecker
    | Reply

    Thank You Anna!
    I have had some interesting dealings with this agency!

  5. Anna
    | Reply

    Ok Greg, I wish you good luck in your search the true love. If you have other questions to me, I’d like to help.

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  7. Zygmunt
    | Reply

    Dear Anna,
    thank you for such important information about how to know woman from Ukraine!

  8. Niels Bang
    | Reply

    My experience with Ukrainian ladies.
    I have past 3 year used several dating sites without luck, Loveme.com, AFA, Anastasia, Jump4love.com, GoDateNow, Alone Angels, Foreign Wifes, Find Bride and so on. All of them I have experienced make fake profiles in the local agencies. I have experienced ladies that for years ago asked to have their profile deleted – 5 and 10 years later it is still used for earn money. I have experienced what I thought was correspondence with a true lady in fact was letter received and replied by agency emploees. I have experienced to pay for airticket from Kharkov to Kiev for a lady and met her together with her Interpreter. Later I found out the lady in fact lived in Kiev. I have met with a lady in Odessa who were very interested until she had made me pay for several personal items. I have made appointment to meet three ladies in Dnipropetrovsk – on my drive from Odessa to Dnipeprotovsk I received an SMS from their agency that they were ready to introduce me to the ladies for a payment of 150 EUR per lady even I had correspondence with them for long. I never met those ladies as I refused to pay 150 Euro per lady. I have experienced meet a lady in Kharkov with whom I had long correspondence. When I met her together with her Interpreter the Interpreter as the first thing asked me what I could do for the lady. I found out her only interest was what kind of support she could receive from my country’s welfare program.
    Now I have given up – unfortunately because I have so much to offer the right lady – but of course I can
    bequeath it for charity in my own country when it will be time for that.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Niels,
      thank you so much for share with me and other readers your experience in dating with Ukrainian girls. Unfortunately, you had a really bad experience. I am sorry for that. Online dating is a place there are a lot of fakes, scammers and strangers. And not only in Ukraine, in all over the world. You have accept this fact but don’t give up. Just draw conclusions from your experience, read my blog or blog by another expert, watch the video and be careful in the future. Also choose the right site with free registration. I advice you read my article about scammers – “The Ukraine’s Dating Expert Tips – How to Spot and Avoid an Online Dating Scammer”. Maybe you have to add something to my tips. I appreciate.

  9. Niels Bang
    | Reply

    Hi Anna!

    Thank you for your response with comments and advices.
    Yes, I do have some comments I did not get to in my previous post.
    I have traveled in Ukraine as a tourist seven times and has been running from Poland in west to Donetsk in east and from Kharkov in north to Sevastopol in south five times and spent in total 7 months in Ukraine.
    I have never been cheated or deceived by the general Ukrainian population – on the contrary I have always been greeted with friendliness and helpfulness – it be in shops or restaurants, and more. Only local dating agencies have cheated and deceived me. I do not think the ordinary Ukrainian woman is deceptively brought but in the hands of greedy agency owners the women’s profiles are used as part of fraudulent business which make us immediately blaming the female profiles. In reality it is not the women who are deceitful but the local agencies in their pursuit of profit optimization – but the agencies are smart to get it to look as if it is the women who are dishonest.
    I have learned that if I am sending a letter to a woman with critical comments about a specific website or agency, then the letter has been edited and everything negative about the agency removed before being sent to the woman. I have on several occasions written to a lady that the agency is deceiving the male members. When I receive the answer to my letter the woman bæames me that I have written that women are deceitful which I just did not wrote.
    I actually think that the majority of Ukrainian women are fair and honest.
    I once wrote to Customer Service at Jump4love that to me I seemed they made the lfemale clients being prostituted hrough misuse of their data, their photos and especially by paying in particular young women to write letters to men and to chat with naïve gullible men. Jump4love responded by informing me that local agencies actually work as independent franchisees in their home country why the dating site can not be held responsible for what local agencies abates.
    Dating industry the last 20 years evolved from being serious match makers to be greedy money machines today where profit optimization justify to cheat and deceive without conscience feeling.
    Unfortunately, I must admit that the problem apparently is global and that also the national dating sites makes use of various methods of deception.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Niels,
      My experience in the dating business began with working like translator both online and offline. I can say with confidence that it was very often when man came to Ukraine for meeting with a girl with interpreter because she did not know the language. And the money that the man paid to the interpreter, the agency paid part of this amount to the girl. So not all girls are honest as you think. A very large number of girls are in agencies for earning money. Some of them are even married. And yes unfortunately, it’s very hard to find a honest agency, honest girl. But trust me there are a lot of real, serious and honest girls here. Just have to work hard for find them.

  10. Niels Bang
    | Reply

    Hello again Anna!

    I’m quite aware of that there are many more or less professional cheating women associated with the local agencies.
    If it were possible it would be better to seek a good decent and loyal woman outside the local agencies domain – for example Fdating.com, Russian Dating.com or Free Russian Personals.com – but also these are well filled with scam profiles.
    When I as a westerner have experienced the derisory payment Ukrainian women with relatively good education achieves on the labour market, I understand quite well that some can be driven to make some reasonably easy money by writing letters to the naive men in the hope that the man responds to her letter to make the woman receives her commission. Likewise mainly young women sits evening after evening and night after night sending chat invitations to men hoping to earn a little money. Personally I have made it a rule to delete all messages from young girls aged 18 to 34 years unread. Just as I have made it a rule never to accept an invitation to chat. Firstly I see it as waste of time and money and secondly there are plenty of opportunities where can chat for free.
    The big problem as I see it is that these women contribute to give Ukraine a bad reputation in the world that everything in Ukraine is based on corruption, lies and deceit.
    And it’s a shame because as I wrote last, I have only had good experiences with the general population when I visited Ukraine as a tourist.
    In 2013 there was a Ukrainian who showed me an Internet advertisement from an agency in Dnipropetrovs’k. The Agency offered UAH 1,000 to women who would come to a photo session and allow the agency to use their photo in commercial purposes. The same agency also offered women commission to write letters to men as well as commission for every minute they could get a man to chat. It is of course especially young girls aged 18 to 25/30 years that are enticed to this but unfortunately there are also single mothers and as you write married women who earn some money this way.
    Unfortunately, I believe the situation is at least as difficult for a Ukrainian woman with serious wishes to find her foreign soul mate as it is for the foreign man to find his Ukrainian soul mate.
    It is altogether a very untenable situation – especially for Ukrainian women.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Yes I agree with you. Because of the large number of dishonest girls, marriage agencies and scammers, it is difficult for a foreign man to find a really good and serious girl in Ukraine.

  11. Hugo Valdivia
    | Reply

    Hi Anna,

    Thanks for sharing valuable information about the dating sites and dating agencies in Ukraine. I’ve been communicating with Ukranian women for the last 7 years, using several agencies, but always with the same negative result. This is disappointing, because I have learned to appreciate Ukranian culture and I find their women to be uniquely gifted in many ways. I’m just about to give up on this search though, and it’s a pity as my intentions are serious. Lately, I’ve been using UADreams with the same negative results. I consider myself a decent looking, middle-aged and middle class man, who should be interesting to some women who are serious in their search.

    As you come across as an honest, straight forward woman, let me suggest to you to start your own program or agency or whatever you want to call it. It would be nice to have a platform where we can chat and meet singles, culminating in monthly or bi-monthly parties where members are invited to participate. These mixers would be the ideal setting for single men and women to know each other, and take their relationship to a higher level.

    What do you think? I know this system is being used in The Netherlands among expats, and it works.



    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Hugo,
      thank you for your comment. I feel sorry about your bad experience with Ukrainian girls.But please don’t give up. Watch my video on Youtube -https://youtu.be/d3HidHoYSQw I think the best way is finding a nice woman or women online, communicate like 1 month and then come to Ukraine for real meeting. What about your idea…There are some people who arrange a parties like this. Also you can come to me and I can arrange dating with some ladies from my Dating&Marriage Agency – UkrainePrincess. Check out the girls profiles – http://www.annaukolova.com/marriage-agency/
      Hope to hear from you soon)

  12. Robert
    | Reply

    Hi Anna,

    Just a few questions. It seems to me that some of these sites use a mixture of girls that are actually interested in meeting someone as they do the “Paid Chat Operators” which I think is the official title of girls that do this as a job. Do you have any suggestions of what maybe to say to a woman to find out if she is really looking for someone or is one of the employees of the site. Even then I think that some of the girls that are paid are hoping to find their wealthy prince charming and live a life happily ever after. I could straight up and ask but I imagine that will be met with something like “Why don’t you trust me?”. Any suggestions would be helpful.



    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Robert,
      thank you for comment and questions. The lits of dating sites I advised you can use without worry if girls are working on or not.
      But the sites where man has to pay for each letters or online chat translators are in correspondence with men from several profiles. Girls are real and maybe most of them are really looking for a decent man, but they will not even know about your existence and that you are communicating with her on the site.

      • Robert
        | Reply

        Hi Anna,

        That is the same conclusion that I have come to. The the pay for letter or pay for minute of chat sites pay girls for their communication with men but for the most part I don’t think many of them make a lot of money doing this. I do not think it is the fault of the girls. I believe they are told that western men enjoy flirting and will pay to do it. I also think that they are told they could find find a great guy while they are getting paid for this type of job. Men in general need to be more realistic. Sure it is great to have a beautiful young girl in her 20’s flirt with you but they are not super interested in meeting a 50 year old guy unless that guy is Johnny Depp. My suggestion for guys is if you really want to find out if she is interested in you suggest she go to a site where girls are not paid or you can try to give your email but if it were my site I would do everything possible to drop email addresses from letters to the ladies. From a technical standpoint it is not hard to do. Anyway thanks for your help and advice I will let you know how it goes.



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