Online Dating Ukraine: How to Ask a Girl for Her Private Contacts on a Dating Site

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Recently, we have often heard or read that many couples met each other online. As I wrote in my previous articles, online dating is a great way to find a Ukrainian girl and build strong long-term relationship with her, whenever you live, how old you are and your financial situation. But to get a great result in online dating in Ukraine depends on many factors, including correctly and at the right time asking the girl her contact details for further communication outside the dating site.

For many reasons, finding a nice and serious Ukrainian girl online and getting her attention can not be easy. But it’s possible. There are two main reasons, you have a lot of competitors and the girl can’t yet see who you are as a person. At this stage, she can only see your great profile, quality photos and your first letter you have sent to her. All these can make a good impression on the girl, but how you can introduce yourself to her in a real life will be more substantial. Now you understand how it is important to get a girl’s, you have met online, personal contacts to improve your communication.

In this article, I’ll tell you how to get Ukrainian girl’s private contacts from a dating site, when it’s right time for that, what you should ask a girl to give you – her email address or phone number. I recommend keep on reading.

How fast you should ask a girl for her private contacts

When you found a nice Ukrainian girl online and started texting with her, of course you want to know her better. So you have to get her private contacts. But the question comes up – when is the right time for asking for her email or phone number?

I know some of you prefer to ask girl’s contacts as soon as possible. And some men do it since first mail by leaving their email or phone number. I advise you to try to text with a girl for a while time on a dating site before asking for her private contacts. If you do it right away, she can think, that you ask lots of girls to give you their contacts. As I told many times, every Ukrainian woman wants to feel that she is special. On the other hand, too long communication on the site, before you ask for her email or phone number, maybe uninteresting. The girl can perceive this as your unwillingness to learn her closer and take a new step. In addition, she may think you don’t trust her. You are not sure that she is a real person with real pics and profile.

Don’t wait until a girl asks her private contacts. Most Ukrainian girls are not thinking of that. They don’t doubt that you must be the first to take the initiative get of dating sites for chatting by email or texting on the phone and then arrange a meeting.

A girl's hand, pc and phone

So when is the right time for asking a girl for her private contacts online?

In my opinion, based on personal and professional experience, you should exchange about 5-10 mails on a dating site to build a great, interesting communication with her. And to make her excited to know you better.

In addition, these first 10 mails can help both, you and the girl, to understand if you are interested in knowing each other, if you have a good connection.

When Ukrainian woman has been answering actively your mails first days online but then she is responding slower to you for some times, you should find out if she is still interested in communication with you before asking for her private contacts. You can ask her what she thinks about online dating. If she answers you and sends you the same question, you can answer like that you found it nice and you are really glad to meet her online but it’s important for you to know someone out off dating site. This shows her that you would like to know her better. And then you can see you should ask her email or phone number or you should not.

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I often hear complying about not serious girls from my clients. Girls usually give their private contacts to men but then don’t answer them or answer rarely. Some Ukrainian women give men their emails or phone numbers because they are not sure or want to seem kind. So if you don’t want to get many girls contacts but don’t get any answers from them, you have to work out if a girl is really interested in you or not.

How to make her want to give you her private contacts

It is important for getting a girl’s attention online is writing a nice first mail to her. How to write and what to write in first message to a girl on a dating site you can read here – “How to find an Approach to a Ukrainian Woman Online: 11 Things you have to know».

Since you have got answer from a girl on your first mail you need to work on making your conversation interesting. So you must build a good and strong connection that only improves your communication.

It is not necessary to write and ask questions on general topics – where do you live, work and etc. Don’t be very serious and don’t arrange for her to poll as if she is on an interview at the receipt of one or another post. Try to be easy and positive in conversation. Trust me you will have a good time for speaking about serious things.

A girl with pc

Try not only to find common topics for conversation, on topics that will capture you both excite. Read her profile again and find something you are interested about. Maybe you have common interests or hobbies. For example, she likes sports. So you can ask what kinds of sports she likes, whether she is engaged in any sport. Say about your favorite sports or you are thinking of what kind of sport to do, ask her advice. She will think you have the same interest and something you can do together in future. You can use this principle to all kind of subjects: cooking, traveling and other things. That shows to her that you have a great connection and something more than just a physical connection between you.

Here is also very important thing – to be honest and sincere with a girl in your communication with her. Introduce yourself from your best side but without lying about your age, habits, job and other things. With girl’s interest, a great and strong connection with her you will have all of the necessary things to succeed with her.

What girls private contacts you should ask: email address or phone number

Wonder why I focus on this question? For nowadays, when there are a lot of possibilities for communication online, a huge number of programs and apps, it’s hard to choose the most comfortable and quick way to communicate with someone from abroad. And I noticed that in most countries, most people prefer this or that way of communicating on the Internet. But since you are looking for a girl from Ukraine, I give you advice which is the best way to choose when communicating with them off dating sites.

Most men communicate with Ukrainian girls by email, Skype and Viber or WhatsApp. I think I don’t need to explain what is Viber or WhatsApp and how to use them. If you don’t know, you can read on the Internet. I advise you get a girl’s phone number for texting with her on Viber or WhatsApp.

Why you should not ask her email? You can ask a girl her email address for texting outside of dating site. But most Ukrainian girls don’t often check email and don’t use it in their mobile. So until she reads your email she looses interest to you or even can forget who you are. So she can get boring to write you a long mail with answers on all your questions and send her photos. It’s much easy to do it by texting short message by mobile’s apps.

And ask girl’s phone number you can check if she is real person or not, if she is scammer or not.

What about Skype, you can ask a girl her Skype address. But now it’s not popular way to communicate like it was some years ago. And again most Ukrainian girls don’t have it on their phone. And she will be not often online there and she will not answer you there fast.

Most Ukrainian people, girls, use more Viber than WhatsApp. So don’t be lazy and find time to download it on your phone or computer. Communication by this app is very easy, interesting and funny. You can text message, send photos or videos to a girl, use funny smiles. And you can make voice or video chat. So it seems like a perfect way to communicate with girl from another country.

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Most of men do the same mistakes – ask a girl her private contacts and send first mail on her email address or in messenger after a long time. How long time? It’s next day or even more. If you get girl’s email today so send mail to her this day or evening. Don’t make her think bad about you that you have so many girls contacts so you didn’t have time to text to her before. Or don’t make her forget about you and why she gave you her contacts.

If you are at this moment in article so you have got all useful information to get girl’s private contacts who is really interested in you. But to get more success you have to do all what I have just told. Remind, show her that you’re interested in her and you are an interesting man for her, be easy and positive, build a great and strong connection.

Don’t focus on the process of getting girl’s email or phone number. Center on interesting subjects for speaking. When everything was going fine between you and her until this moment, getting her contacts should be easy.

At the end, you can be interested in getting some great examples with how to ask for girl’s private contacts on dating site. Would you like to get few examples for? Feel free leave your request for getting examples in comments to this article or contact me.


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