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Unfortunately, not everyone, who has found their love in Ukraine with my help, wanted to share their story with you or leave feedback.

 I am very grateful to those wonderful people who could do it.


PedroJose Pedro, Spain

Dear Anna,

I can say you are a very nice lady, smart, elegant and sophisticated. You are very professional in your work and do an excellent job, focussing in your customers interest.  Because of you, I found Ukrainian woman and  I am married with her now. I highly recommended your services at any one. I appreciated the opportunity of having know you.

Best wishes,

Jose Pedro

Liebe Anna,

Wir sind dir sehr dankbar, dass du uns kennengelernt hast. Du hast dir viel Mühe gegeben, um aller Beste für uns zu machen. Du hast nicht nur unsere erstes Treffen perfekt organisiert, sondern auch mir Englisch beigebracht hast. Dank dir sind wir seit 3,5 Jahren eine glückliche Ehepaar.

Liebe Grüße Viktoria und Markus.
P.S. Hey! Wer ist in der Suche nach die Liebe, dann wenden Sie zu Anna!

                                     Markus and Viktoria
                                                                                                                                                       Markus and Viktoria, Germany



                                                                  Watch video with Dan about his success story in Ukraine

Dan, USA



Hello Single Men,


Anna is really professional in Ukrainian Dating. She taught me a lot about Ukraine, Ukrainian women. She became a good friend for me.

You can trust her. Anna will do her best for you to help you.


With best wishes,



Stan, USA






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Dear Anna,

I would like to tell you: “Thank you very much! Because of you and your professional helping I found my love, my right woman and my wife now in Ukraine. We are very happy together.”

Best regard,


Success story



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In October 2018 I used the Services of Anna Ukolova to find a serious relationship with a Ukrainian woman. I received a large choice of lovely candidates. I came to Kiev and with Anna’s professional helping, I had some meeting with wonderful ladies. It was a great experience for me. I met a lovely woman, Marina. After few month of great relationship we decided to get married. And since 18th January 2019 we are a husband and wife. And we are building our happy life. Thank you, Anna

With best wishes,


Success couple

                                                                                                Claudio and Marina, Israel


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Happy Stories Dating Ukraine


Review from Tucker and his own experience of dating with Ukrainain women

Working with Anna was easy, and she is very professional. What I liked most was that she honestly tried to get to know more about who I am – well beyond who I am looking for and my likes and dislikes. I felt like she was my representative, and I appreciated that. Anna was also very much in touch with the women with whom she set me up on dates.

My first step was to develop a mindset that was ready to go on dates with a translator present. This was a little weird, like having a chaperone, but clearly there were language difficulties- I only speak a few words of Ukrainian and Russian and most of the women spoke only a little English. The translator allows you and the date to express yourselves comfortably. But it was still a little weird having a third person present.

My approach was to really concentrate on learning about the woman who had accepted my invitation for a date. About their lives, their family, what makes them laugh, sometimes we would talk about sad experiences. For the most part, I let the conversation flow naturally and I tried to relax and enjoy myself. Although I have a tendency to talk a lot – especially when I am nervous – I tried to focus on her and just let her tell me about her life. I got the feeling that most Ukrainian women want to know more about you (of course), but they also want to know that you can listen and learn about them too.

I also went to Ukraine with the idea that I am inviting each and every woman out on a date. I assumed that I would pay for everything when we were out. Usually she arrived to the cafe or restaurant on her own, but when we were done eating or with drinks, I would ask for the check. I invited her out and in Ukraine, it is assumed that the man should be paying.

One time, when a woman invited me to celebrate her birthday with two of her friends, she tried to pay. I kindly told her that I would pick up the check and she was delighted. I understand that she is living paycheck to paycheck. So am I, but my paychecks are bigger and I saved money for this purpose. I would always offer to pay for her taxi to get her home at the end of the date as well – it was easy just to order a car with Uber or Bolt. The women very much appreciate all of this, and I know that they see me as a proper gentleman. That’s a good reason for them to consider a second date, and that’s the reputation I want to have.

Many times, a woman would offer her hand to shake mine when we first would meet. A few gave me a quick hug, but I didn’t expect any of this. At the end of most first dates, I almost never touched her hand or even tried to kiss her on the cheek when putting her in a taxi. On a second or third date, I would hug her immediately upon seeing her, as long as she indicated that she was comfortable with that. A few accepted a quick kiss on her cheek at the end or when I went to hug her goodbye, she would turn her cheek and point at it, indicating that I should kiss her there. I think the point I’m trying to make is that I went in with zero assumptions. I found Ukraine to be a more traditional society, and the women generally maintain and expect a more traditional courting scene than I have found in the US.

In general, I think it’s a mistake to apply to Ukraine-especially the women – the cultural norms and social cues that we experience in American society. While this seems like an easy concept, I think we tend to get nervous (a first date, beautiful woman, foreign culture, different language we may not understand) and rely on what we are accustomed to. The dating scene in Ukraine was much more traditional than in the United States, from my perspective. Above all else, you need to show respect and interest in the woman that you’re on a date with. I found that making an effort to learn about her life, culture and language went a long way toward showing her that I was interested.

Respecting the woman, taking her out and treating her with kindness and generosity was also appreciated and even required if you want the evening to be successful and even result in seeing her again.

Without Anna’s careful help and expert knowledge, none of this would have been possible. I highly recommend working with Anna if you want to meet smart, fun and interesting women in Ukraine.