Why are so many foreign men looking for a Ukrainian girl but not succeeding? The most common mistakes men make when dating ladies from Ukraine

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Many foreign men want to meet a Ukrainian girl for relationship and marriage but only a few out of many succeed! Why is that? Let’s figure it out…

It seems to me that the biggest and most common mistake foreign men make in dating with Ukrainian girls is to assume that all women in the world are the same. They have experience of communication, dating and relationships with women from their country so they believe that Ukrainians are the same as in the USA or Germany, for example.

Such men think that if I am popular among a certain circle of girls in my country, 20 local women are waiting for a date with me, then I will easily and quickly find a nice lady in Ukraine!

As reality shows, this is not so! He came to Ukraine, went on a date with one girl, a second and a third, but none of them wants to continue with him! Then this guy doesn’t understand what’s going on?!

Therefore, if you did not have much experience in dating Ukrainian women, it is not tedious to assume that you know how to communicate and behave with them! Search for information about the mentality of Ukrainian people, about the peculiarities of Ukrainian women, what they like and dislike, what they expect from you on a date and etc.

Dating with Ukrainian girls

The next most common mistake foreign men make when dating Ukrainian girls is the big age difference


Many foreign men over 50 years old and older want a girl from Ukraine 20-25 years younger. They consider themselves still young (at heart), active and financially superior to a younger guys.

Yes, some of these men may look pretty good, younger than their years. They can be educated, intelligent and wealthy. However, they do not look like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and do not have their own private jet or villa on the Cote d’Azur and not $20 million in the account, for example!

Many of these men have been inspired by the stories of some fairly famous and very wealthy men.

Such a big age difference can be a problem in dating and later in a relationship. With such a difference in age, there can be no equal relations as partnerships.


Often such men are looking for girls 20-25 years younger and without children. Most Ukrainian women want to have their own children.


These men chasing young girls often use huge dating sites! On such sites, they can communicate with very young ladies of model appearance, who write that they are all already in love with him! But apart from long correspondence and sending expensive gifts, he can’t get anything else from such girls on the Internet.

After such an experience, without drawing any conclusions, sometimes this kind of men turn to me with the same requests – to find a young lady for him with 20-25 years  difference in age. I am trying to explain and recommend to them Ukrainian women who are 40 and older, but beautiful and smart, with active life, with whom it’s more chances to build a relationships. More often  they don’t even want to listen to me!


The next common mistake in dating a girl from Ukraine is not being able / unwilling to make efforts to please a girl


Many men do not want to put in any effort in dating with Ukrainian ladies because they are overconfident. For example, some men think that if he came from America to Ukraine and invited a woman  to a meeting, then she would already be his!

Another example, a man considers himself super attractive and charming, that any Ukrainian  lady is ready to stay with him for the night after the first date without any effort.

You can read some young foreign bloggers who ride all over the world and meet girls. They all write that it is not so easy to drag a Ukrainian girl to your hotel like from other countries! They all write that you need to make an effort and give advice how to date with Ukrainian ladies.


Many of you know (I hope) that we Ukrainian girls are accustomed to and expect some effort from a man when getting to know each other. For example, receiving flowers from a man on a first or second date. Hear pleasant compliments from him, so that he gives a hand or helps with ordering a taxi.


 Dating Ukrainian girls

It is important if this is the first video call with a Ukrainian woman or the first date or in reality – you look good! You are cut, your hair is trimmed, you are shaved, you are wearing a clean and nice shirt, you smell good, your nails are trimmed, and there is no dirt under your nails.


The last most common mistake when dating a Ukrainian girl is not being able to communicate well, be interesting


Treat your first date as a special occasion – you don’t know you’ll meet just a Beautiful girl from dating site or future wife!


Do not talk too much and only about yourself, your family, work and hobbies. Let lady talks about herself and her life too.

Think before the meeting what questions you would ask her and do not forget to ask them! It is important.

Don’t forget about your manners and behavior – treat her to delicious coffee or feed her if she’s hungry, open the door for her, help with her coat! Be polite even if you don’t like the girl! That doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve respect.

If you are too shy and it is not daytime, you can have a glass of wine for courage and to relax!But please don’t drink too much.

I do not advise touching on certain topics – like politics, religion! Avoid topics where there may be tension or conflict.

Dating with Ukrainian girls

On a date with a Ukrainian lady – you pay on the first date. You can choose a couple of places where you can pay and propose to the girl. Almost all cafes and restaurants have websites where menus and prices are indicated.


Good luck to you! If you have something to add from your experience, write in the comments


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8 Responses

  1. Oscar
    | Reply

    Anna, I read your article a couple of times and you opened my eyes to some things! Now I know what I did wrong!

    I thank you very much

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Dear Oscar,

      thank you for your comment.

  2. Andrea
    | Reply

    Ho letto con un traduttore, ma penso che tutti gli uomini che cercano una ragazza ucraina debbano leggere il tuo articolo! Grazie

  3. Alex
    | Reply

    Hello Dear Anna!

    I never been to Ukraine and never met Ukrainian women in real but still dream to find my right one. I believe she is from Ukraine. Thank you for advices! It was really interesting to read this post. I am sure I will follow your advices in future.

  4. Don
    | Reply

    I think you hit all the right ways to treat a woman. It is very important to be respectful. They want to be treated as a woman, not a buddy. Be polite, open doors, etc. Do bring flower and a small gift like chocolate. Don’t make the date an interview.
    Thank you for writing this article!

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Hello Don,

      yes exactly. You are right.

      Thank you for reading my article

  5. Michael Lindblom
    | Reply

    Great punchline. I musst say i found it intresting an amusing to see u analysis of whats happening in dating.
    i was struck by u oppinion on age difference.
    I am in relationship with a ukrainien girl and age difference of 22 years. and at first i would say that focus shouldent be on age but on the person u date. so first i would say that age dosent matter but with time i would day it does and makes it hard sometimes .
    and this is not about sporty avtive or feeling young when u are not .
    Its more that u are in different periods of life and that can be challanging. Its about understanding the other person and meet up with there dreams of life and goals they have. To make them happy as well as not loosing u self in that process. Anna i think u have som insights in this field. ❤️❤️
    Perhaps our roads will cross and i will drop u a line if i come to Belgium.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate!

      I wrote about the difference from the experience of my clients and what I observed for years in Ukraine how many foreign men for 50 years and older ran after young girls and spent a lot of time and money and returned home single and empty wallet.

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