Why are so many foreign men looking for a Ukrainian girl but not succeeding? The most common mistakes men make when dating ladies from Ukraine

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Many foreign men want to meet a Ukrainian girl for relationship and marriage but only a few out of many succeed! Why is that? Let’s figure it out… It seems to me that the biggest and most common mistake foreign … Read More

Is it possible to find a girlfriend from Ukraine on Tinder?

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      Tinder is  the most famous dating app in the world! It’s probably rare to find someone who hasn’t used or heard of Tinder. Especially the younger generation.   Is Tinder used in Ukraine? Is it popular in … Read More

Valentine’s Day in Ukraine: how it is and what Ukrainian girls think about this day

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  You may have noticed that in late January and early February every year, everywhere in the signs of hotels, shopping centers and shops, in supermarkets, even in gyms there are posters, shelves, decorations, products with hearts and romantic inscriptions. … Read More

10 Most popular stereotypes about Ukraine and Ukrainians

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I think there are a number of stereotypes about every nationality in the world that develop over time and are passed down over the years from one generation to the next. Human nature is such that they believe almost everything … Read More

How to find a girl from Ukraine now? In such a difficult period for Ukraine

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  Everyone knows that now is one of the most difficult periods for Ukraine during the entire period of independence. The war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022 and, unfortunately, is still going on! Who knows when this will … Read More

Dating site or Matchmaking service: what is more effective for you in finding a wife in Ukraine?

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  If you have been looking for the Second Half in Ukraine for a long time, you may have tried different International dating sites, Dating applications. You even tried to find a girlfriend in Ukraine through Social Networks like Facebook … Read More

Tinder: How to Guide when Dating Ukrainian girls

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  The modern world is so diverse, informative and very busy. Often we find ourselves prioritizing work to achieve our goals and sometimes we find time for sports, hobbies, traveling and friends. But there is practically no time for personal … Read More

Guide to dating a Ukrainian woman during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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  There is a global pandemic all over the world with Governments’ of most countries declaring a quarantine; closed boarders between countries, limited population movement and you are not even allowed to leave your home.   If you thought dating … Read More

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas from Ukraine

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  Most likely Christmas and New Year holidays are the most long-awaited period of the year for most people in the world. Most likely this is a period of visiting your family, meeting with old friends, a period of gifts, … Read More

Matchmaking Services in Ukraine: what are they, and how can they help you?

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When you first got the idea to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine, the first thing you probably did was register on the first dating site you liked. You thought the process of searching for a girlfriend online would be … Read More

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