If you have been looking for the Second Half in Ukraine for a long time, you may have tried different International dating sites, Dating applications. You even tried to find a girlfriend in Ukraine through Social Networks like Facebook or Instagram. Even your friends in Ukraine have arranged dates for you with their single girl – friends. And you’re still single.

What is the problem? You have tried all possible ways to find Your Second Half in Ukraine, but only met the wrong women.

The answer to this question is long and complicated, I highlighted the five main reasons why foreign men fail on dating sites in finding a love in Ukraine. Read more about this in my article – “Matchmaking Services in Ukraine: what are they, and how can they help you?»

If you are new to dating with Ukrainian girls, and you are reading this article now, I can say you are the lucky one. After all, you have a chance not to go through this whole difficult path of online dating. Learn the right way how to find a girlfriend in Ukraine.


Have you ever heard about a Matchmaker? Have you ever worked with a Matchmaker in your country or in Ukraine?

If yes, please write in the comments about your experience


Matchmaker is a person who can find for you a woman what you have been looking for so long time or going to find. He/she can introduce you to a nice, beautiful, intelligent lady with serious intention, your Potential bride in Ukraine. Thus, Professional Matchmaker does the speacial searching process for you, including lookig for and preselecting candidates who match the qualities you and share your values. You can hire your Personal assistant who truly gets to know you and your needs and gets you dates with the women whom otherwise you would have never found.


To help you understand who the Matchmaker is and to understand whether your professional help from the Matchmaker is needed, let’s look at the differences between finding a girl in Ukraine on dating site and with the help of the Matchmaker.

Online Dating



In the approach and method of work


You register on a dating site yourself, fill out a form, add photos (in most cases, very unsuccessful ones). You communicate with a large number of girls, basically choosing ladies by photos, not paying attention to the difference in age, interests, goals. You come across scammers, girls who offer intimate services. Chat with a lot of wrong women. Spend a lot of effort and energy, but usually nothing happens beyond the correspondence. Do you know this feeling?

With the Matchmaker everything is different. You fill out a form, send a photos, have a private call with Matchmaker to helps he/she to know you better and understand what kind of lady you are looking for in Ukraine. And then get recommendations with profiles of girls who are great matches for you. You can also have video chats with Potential brides before your coming here.


Selection of girls


As usual, any man or woman can register on dating sites. The dating site does not check if a member is real person, the photos and information in the profile correspond to reality. The dating site is interested in as many users as possible to be registered, especially the female audience. Therefore, on many sites, the girl’s base seems so huge, but the quality of the women and their real goals can disappoint you.

Each Matchmaker has a database of girls. All ladies are selected before registering with the Matchmaker agency: fill out a questionnaire, send photos, meeting in life, check profiles on Social Networks.

The base of girls on the Matchmaker’s site may not seem as big as on a dating site, and not all ladies look like models from a magazine (as you are used to seeing on large dating sites), but the quality of the girls is much better and the goals of these women are to find a man for a serious relationship and marriage. It’s what you are looking for too.

Based on the experience of communication and work with Ukrainian girls, many women with serious intentions do not want to register on dating sites. They prefer to use professional help from Matchmaking agency.

Ukriane women


Your Confidentiality


When it comes to dating sites, and especially free ones, there can be no question of your privacy. Everyone can find you and look at your profile.

Unless add not your photos and false information, but then what’s the point of registering at all. You just create fake profile with goal to find a nice and honest Ukrainian women. It will not work for you.

One of the biggest advantages of working with a Matchmaker is your privacy. The male client base is not published on the Matchmaker site or partner sites.




Time is the most precious thing in our life. It passes quickly and cannot be returned.

Therefore, it is so important to spend time very productively for us.

This is also important in dating. After all, your goal is not to spend several years looking for your Second Half in Ukraine (like most men), but your goal is to find her as soon as possible and spend your rest of life with her.

Dating site seems like a huge platform with a lot of beautiful girls, but you can spend years looking for your girlfriend and you may never find her there.

It is very sad to meet foreign men who have spent years and a lot of money looking for a Ukrainian wife on dating sites.

Use Matchmaking service you will not spend time for searching and not much time for communication with ladies before your coming. You will meet only real and serious Ukrainian women, your Potential brides. It’s already more effective.


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What is the purpose of a dating site? Get as many profiles as possible with Ukrainian girls in order to attract foreign men to register on their platform and pay to stay longer and communicate with ladies. Therefore, on each site there are profiles – bots.

Something else? No, it `s all!

The goal of the Matchmaker in working with you is to find potential brides for you and introduce you to them in reality. Do everything possible so that you do not just go on dates and have fun, but find a woman in Ukraine for love and life!

Date Ukraine



What do you think now? Do you understand difference between dating sites and Matchmaking Service?


If you have an interest, then How to find a Professional Matchmaker in Ukraine?


How can you do it? I recommend you to read my post about Matchmaker in Ukraine.


What is the cost of Matchmaking Service?


It’s not for free. Every service or work has to be paid.

Is it only for the rich people? You don’t have to be millioner to use Matchmaking services in Ukraine but please don’t expect it’s same cost as you pay for memebership on dating site.

Professional Matchmaking service is pricy because it is time-consuming, individual, and complicated. I hope you undertand it now after reading this article.

Each Matchmaker has their individual service and own cost. Someone ask you to pay more, another – less.

If you count all the hours spent on terrible dates or useless chats online that after all led to no dates if you try to measure the amount of stress you went through then you will understand such a service is worth its money.

Think before start to search for a new dating site or dating app or use Macthmaking service, ask yourself?

How much are you ready to pay to stop running from one dating site to another without any success results for you? Do you really want to find a lady whose definition of affection, love, and care are similar to yours? Then the answer is obvious.


I only hope this article will help you make the right choice on the path to personal love and happiness!


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