Tinder: How to Guide when Dating Ukrainian girls

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The modern world is so diverse, informative and very busy. Often we find ourselves prioritizing work to achieve our goals and sometimes we find time for sports, hobbies, traveling and friends. But there is practically no time for personal life. So we stay single. Do you recognize yourself?

Many single men and women all over the world use Dating Apps. It is easy and convenient. You download the app to your phone, add a couple of photos and start swiping right or left profiles when you are taking the subway or taxi, at lunch, or at a boring meeting at work, or before bedtime. Do you also recognize yourself?


Do you use any Dating App now?


Some use the dating app from boredom, to chat with someone nice, some are looking for friends, some just want to find an attractive partner for sex, some are hoping to find love and partner for a long relationship.


What are you looking for?


Now I want to talk about one of the most popular Dating apps in the world, and especially in Europe; Tinder.


Have you heard about this? Have you ever used Tinder before? Share your experiences in the comments.


Are you looking for a Ukrainian woman? Then Tinder as an Online Dating Application you can use in dating with Ukrainian girls.

Now I want to talk about how it works, what kind of photos you should use in Tinder to get attention of Beautiful Ukrainian ladies, what to write in BIO about yourself, what to write in first message to get answer from Ukraine women.

tinder ukraine

How does Tinder work?


Tinder is not like the traditional large dating site where you need to specify your mail and create a password for registration, answer a lot of questions, wait for the approval of your photos. Everything is much simpler here: download this app to your phone, indicate your mobile for registration, write your name and age, put your location, and add your photos. You can write a couple of lines about yourself, your interests and what you are looking for. But this is optional. Tinder is a free application.

If you want to change your location to another city and country, see who likes you, see your messages have been read, then you need to pay to have Tinder Gold.


What kind of photos you should use there?


One of the most important parts of this app is to have some great pictures of yourself.

Some tips for choosing profile photos in Tinder. Do not add photos such as:

– only your face is visible;

– you somewhere far away;

– photos are blurry;

– only selfie, only selfie in the bathroom or in the gym;

– you are wearing glasses;

– you are too serious or look angry;

– with friends, with children, other girls;

– only black and white photos;

– photos with you taken 10 or 20 years ago;

– only with nature and beautiful landscapes, wine or food, etc;

– photo with money, with an expensive watch or driving an expensive car;

– with quotes or funny pictures;

– offensive photos.


Please be sure to add at least one of these listed below.


– where are you alone;

– photos portrait and full length;

– you look good, neatly dressed, you are in good physical shape;

– you smile or look happy;

– where you are in a beautiful place on vacation, in a restaurant;

– recent photos, photos from this year or past.

Ukrainian girls spend a lot of time and effort on staying the Most Beautiful girls in the world. Therefore, they want to see a nice and good-looking man with them. Ukrainian women pay attention to your photos and how you look at them. Ukraine’s girls will definitely swipe right on Tinder if they see a dynamic photo of a good looking man, who is doing something interesting like skating, skiing, travelling somewhere, etc.

tinder ukraine



What you should write about yourself on Tinder?


Now that you have some interesting photos of yourself, what else is important?


The second thing, which can get attention of women and make them swipe right on Tinder, or forget about you, is your BIO. It has to be not too long and not too short. However, it must be informative and catchy.

You can write where are you from, something about your personality and interest.

Remember about the sense of humor. Of course, it is not necessary to write jokes, but you must show that you can be fun.

If you are good at something, do not forget to tell about your skill.

I am sure you can find something interesting to write about yourself.

Do not try to write something negative about yourself and the girls in general.

On Tinder there are many girls with fake photos, girls who are engaged in escort. But you do not need to write how you feel about them or use obscene words addressed to them.

I beg you not to fool the girls at the expense of your age. This is very noticeable when men indicate 56 years, and looks at 70. You also do not want to be deceived.

Please pay the attention about age difference. 10-15 years in age is normal.

If you use Tinder in order to find friends, a girl in Ukraine for spending time together or traveling, or for one night, then write this in your profile. Respect your time and the time of those women who are looking for a serious relationship.

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How often you should use Tinder?


Something important for you: don’t use Tinder so often. Please try to use it when you can focus on it. So you will not have to switch right or left when you need to make important decisions at work, or when you are talking with your friends at bar, for example. If not, you are likely to fail in dating with Ukrainian girls, since you are distracted and may make the wrong decision. The best interval is to use it once or twice a day.

Please don’t make Ukrainian women think you are crazy about Tinder and you are all the time on it. Give the girls some time. Do not attack them with your message when they don’t answer you immediately. Ukrainian girls can be busy with work or family.


What the best time for dating Ukrainian women on Tinder as on any other dating site?

Since most ladies work or study, they are likely to be online from 19.00 till 23.00 at week days and from 15.00 till 23.00 at week end, when they have more free time.

Tinder ukraine


What kind of first message you should send to a Ukrainian woman on Tinder?


Most of the Ukrainian women are traditional in that the man should be the first to show interest, and therefore write the first.

Therefore, if you liked by a woman on Tinder, feel free to write to her first.

Do not try to ask the girls in the first message as: “Are you real?”. What do you expect they will answer you? Or say that no they are not a woman but a man?

Do not leave your phone number in your first message, or ask the woman to add you to WhatsApp because you are too busy with your work or you are not often here.

Please don’t ask them about Instagram in first message.

These ladies don’t know you, they are not sure if like you, why should they add you to their contact list or to their personal Instagram from the first message?

In the first message, be sure to say hello, write the name of girl you are going to text. Also, write a compliment perhaps about her photo and how beautiful she looks in them, or something that you liked about her or what she wrote about herself.

Make Ukrainian women answer you. Please don’t send a boring message like: “Hi” or “Hello. How are you?”.

In each subsequent message, ask them questions, answer their questions. Do not make the correspondence on Tinder so long, for several days, but do not ask for phone number after the third message.

Be honest and clear in your answers about yourself, and especially what you are looking for on Tinder.

Do not write, I am open to everything or I am looking for everything. This suggests that you do not know what you are looking for. And you are ready to meet with all the girls in who are more or less interested in. Be honest with yourself and others.

If you want to exchange personal contacts with a woman you like, I advise you to ask for her mobile number for further communication in Viber or WhasApp. Most Ukrainians use Viber then WhatsApp.

I do not advise you to ask the lady for her Instagram or Facebook. If you want to see her more photos of her, you can later ask her to send them by WhatsApp.

Most men who just want to share the page on Instagram have no serious intentions. They look at the photo with the girl, maybe they will make a couple of compliments and that’s all.


If you decide to try your luck and find a girl in Ukraine through Tinder, I think this article and my advice will be very useful to you.


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tinder ukraine


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  1. Alex
    | Reply

    I don’t know about Ukraine, but in Europe Tinder is used more as an opportunity to find someone for a speed date and spend the night together…. I think in USA is the same…

    • Anna
      | Reply

      In Ukraine, I think there are 2 options: for fun and serious relationships. But I think the first option prevails

  2. David
    | Reply

    I don’t know about other guys… I don’t like Tinder and all those online dating sites. For me it was just a waste of time and effort!

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Maybe you should use Matchmaking Service.

  3. Pierre
    | Reply

    for me Dating on Tinder like a game! I think most guys don’t take dating on Tinder seriously.

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Yes, true.

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