Are there many Ukrainian girls looking for foreign men? And why?

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I am sure that each of you, who are looking for a girl from Ukraine, was interested in these questions. Many men, who contacted me, or my clients ask me about that. And that’s normal.

First of all, I want to note that really a lot of local girls want to meet a foreign man and for different purposes. I can say safely that over the last 2 years the number of such women is constantly increasing. By communicating with friends, with their friends, with girls from my agency and just watching women in the street, in bars or clubs, I’m surprised to see that almost every third single Ukrainian girl talked or communicates with a man from abroad.

Every year about 10 thousand Ukrainians linked their lives with the citizens of another country. According to the statistics of “Ukrgosreestr”, almost every tenth marriage, concluded in Kiev, is with a foreigner. More often, our compatriots choose husbands in Europe and Asia.

But no one knows exactly how many Ukrainian women are leaving the country for getting married.

Why is like that? I will try to make it out further.

Second, you clearly understand that not all girls are interested in foreigners and communicate with them for serious relationships and marriage. Most of them spend their time on dating sites and meet men to get financial support, expensive gifts and trips. It was like that and will always be. Just like a large number of men come here to have just a good time in the campaign of a beautiful Ukrainian woman. But I am going to talk in this article about ladies who really want to marry a foreign man.


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Why Ukrainian women are looking for love and marriage with a foreign man?

Of course neither I nor anyone else will be able to give you one and a certain answer to this question. Because every girl has her own experience in life and own reasons. But on the basis of many years of my professional experience, the experience of my friends, communication with girls, and of course on the basis of working with girls who turn to my Matchmaking Agency – UkrainePrincess, I can highlight the most common reasons. The girls who come to me and ask for help I propose to fill out the questionnaire, there is a question about why do you want to marry a foreign man. So I know exactly why every girl in my agency wants to meet a man from abroad.

I want to highlight the top 5 most common reasons:

1) could not find a decent partner in Ukraine. Basically, it’s about girls who have never been married and they do not have children. For some their own reasons they were unsuccessful in finding their right man in Ukraine so decided to take a risk and try to find him in another country.

Also these women could face a demographic situation in Ukraine. As statistics shows, there are more women than men in Ukraine, so there is a shortage of male population. Especially last 2 years when many men took part in hostilities. And a lot of men had to leave the country in searching for work and better earnings.

2) disappointment in Ukrainian men. I can say that this reason ranks first among the reasons mentioned in the questionnaire of girls from my agency. Can you imagine? It makes me very frustrated.

Of course, every girl has a special and own problem. But most of them indicated in the answer to the question of what kind of man you would like to meet is he not an alcoholic. And for that there is a reason. Since most of Ukrainian men smoke and drastically drink alcohol. For many guys, it’s normal to have a beer after work every day.

Also, Ukrainian men do not consider it is necessary to help their wife at home or with children. And consequently, there is no respect for women. They are not polite and it’s normal for them to speak very badly to their girlfriends/wives. A lot of men beat their women.

Girls here are hard working and intelligent so it’s very often when they work harder than their husbands and support their families. The problem is that many local guys are lazy and indecisive – they don’t know what they want from this life.

I believe that if Ukrainian men at least once thought about how beautiful our girls are smart, kind and caring, they would appreciate their girlfriends and wives more. And then in Ukraine there would be more happy marriages and families.

3) thinking that foreign men are better than Ukrainian. Most women, after talking to friends, reading articles in the magazines about a successful marriage with a foreigner, decide to try to experience the fate. From the experience of friends, their stories and perhaps from personal experience, girls begin to think that foreign men are better. They lead a healthy lifestyle. They treat women respectfully and politely. They dream of starting a family and having children. For them, their wife and children are in the first place in life.

4) like foreign men. This reason is not who is better, Ukrainian guys or foreign, just some girls like foreign men and want to live in another country. I refer to such girls those who often go abroad or often communicate with foreigners. Also girls who like life abroad, traveling and original adventurism. These girls know foreign languages well and know exactly where they want to move. And answering the question why they are looking for a foreigner they say that do not like the Ukrainian mentality.

5) a difficult economical and political situation in Ukraine. Only one girl from my agency indicated that she is looking for a foreign man because of the unstable and poor political and economical situation in the country in order to have a good future for herself and her children. But I can tell you she communicates with men with who she is interested in. Is it bad or not? Decide yourself. I do not see anything wrong with the woman seeking stability and confidence in life. It’s normal that a woman wants to be sure that her husband will be able to provide everything for her and their children. Every mother wants to give her children everything they need and even more.

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I think that many of the reasons for Ukrainian girls to choose a foreign man match to yours, guys. Many of you could not find a partner in your country, so you decided to try in Ukraine. Most men have a bad experience, a divorce and got disappointed in women of your nationality. And also many of you do not like girls from your country for their independent and great wishes to make a great career. Do you agree? But maybe one difference that you don’t want to leave your country.

So you are looking for Ukrainian women because they are beautiful, feminine and family-oriented. Ukrainian girls are looking for foreign men because they are polite, respectful to women, can care about their family. So it has to be easy to find a nice match to everyone.

But it’s not easy to find someone with who you will have a great connection and real feeling. Anyway, it’s possible.


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  1. Paul
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    I agree with all you have said good

  2. md.salim
    | Reply

    I think it’s a perfect article about the current situation of Ukraine.No nation can develop without caring & empowering their women & girls.Because the women & girls are sign of peace ,progress,prosperity,happiness &
    beauties.So we should take care of them & give them equal opportunities and pay to them more respects.In the other hand most of their men are addicted into drinking alcohol and smoking which are dangerously injurious to health & harmful to environment.For that reasons might be the women & girls of Ukraine dislike their men decide to relocate another country.

  3. Debarchan, Bahrain
    | Reply

    Such a beautiful article. It’s wonderful to know about Ukrainian women. I believe the men will change their behavior, once the economical condition improves. Secondly the government should recognize the strength of women and take initiative to improve the social status. The author has put the story so nicely keeping balance from all angles. Thumps up to u dear

  4. WB Wilkins
    | Reply

    This is what I have discovered from my own research. Great writing.

  5. Tim
    | Reply

    Pretty honest & straight forward,i have communicated with ukrainan women on another site, & pretty much bring up the alcohol, and abuse,and disrespected

  6. Jeff
    | Reply

    Is there a site to see your clients and a biography?

  7. Laham
    | Reply

    I am Lebanese for serious relationship, please no games if you are real and ready for new life and car and love .

  8. Monte
    | Reply

    Definitely in USA the days of the wife staying home and taking care of what is at home, children or no children, those days are gone. And when there is no mother at home for the many situations that arise with children it makes a child uneasy. The child needs to know if he/she needs mommy she will come at a moments notice. Not get the ok from boss. But everyone has to have the latest car, the newest shoes and purses. In USA the family is no longer the priority. And that is in large part what is wrong with USA.
    So I want a foreign wife for the values she has that USA women don’t want.

  9. Alex
    | Reply

    I think it’s relevant at the moment

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Yes many Ukrainian women are looking for a serious relationship with a foreign man!

  10. David
    | Reply

    Thank you for the article! I like your Blog! Please keep writing more articles

    • Anna
      | Reply

      Thank you, David. Yes, it’s my plan for future

  11. Peirre
    | Reply

    Ukrainian girls are the most beautiful in the world!

  12. Henry D Shropshire, JD
    | Reply

    Great piece. Certainly would like know a
    real good hearted Lady.

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