Guide to dating a Ukrainian woman during the Coronavirus Pandemic.

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There is a global pandemic all over the world with Governments’ of most countries declaring a quarantine; closed boarders between countries, limited population movement and you are not even allowed to leave your home.


If you thought dating a Ukrainian woman was complicated before, now you might think that it’s even more impossible!


  • You cannot travel to Ukraine because of the closed borders to international travel
  • You cannot date women in the traditional way from your own city because restaurants, bars, parks are mostly closed.
  • Cinemas, malls are currently closed in most countries.
  • Distance barrier of 6 feet is required so a long distance must be kept even for the first date.

Although these are tough and strange times, panic and stress seems to cause a loss of your hopes and dreams of finding your Love in Ukraine. So, all is not lost just need to try something new. Be more open to try new and creative ways.

quarantine dating Ukraine

Online Dating Sites (International)


Online dating is a great way to meet new people from all over the world. It is a safe way to create a connection with someone from a different country. You do not have any risk of catching the virus!

As you find and communicate with different people from all over the world, why don’t you contact with a lady from Ukraine?

There are many International dating sites where people try to find their second half from far away. There are plenty of sites where you can find a woman from Slavic countries, including Ukraine.

Have you ever tried to use an online dating site to meet Ukrainian girls?

There are a large number of International dating sites with profiles of single Beautiful Ukrainian women.

What types of dating sites can you use? What sites should you avoid?   Which dating sites can you try?

You can find suitable answers to these questions in one of my articlesA Dating Expert Tips – How to find a girlfriend in Ukraine (Online)”

My advice for you is choose a site which has a free account. You can register for free, create a profile and see what kind of girls you can communicate with on the site. You will have to move on to a paid membership when you want to write a lady and have her answers delivered to you.

Don’t use dating sites where you have to pay for each mail or each word in a message that you send to a lady, or even pay for minutes of online chat just to show an interest to a lady you might be interested in.


Perhaps you know of a good dating site? Please write the name and your review in the comments below.


What should you do after you have signed up?


When it comes to daring sites, you will face some challenges such as: which site to try, the right price for the membership, creating an attractive/honest profile, what should your first message look like and many others.

So now, great, you have chosen a dating site for finding a potential girlfriend in Ukraine!

Before you start creating your profile, read this“Have you chosen a Dating site for finding a girlfriend in Ukraine? – 5 Tips what should you do after you’ve up?”   In this article you will find some useful tips for online dating with Ukrainian girls.


Avoid Online Dating Scammers


You have made a choice and created a profile on this dating site. Congratulations!

Now you are ready to search for your Ukrainian woman and communicate with her.

Do you know about the biggest problem of online dating in the world? Scammers!

Online dating scams are abundant, and anyone can be the target. Yes, you can be scammed, not because you are very successful, or you are naïve. You are looking for love a search that causes you to be more vulnerable than usual and love is the tool scammers use to get the money from you.

Read more about how to recognize these and protect yourself.

“The Ukraine’s Dating Expert Tips – How to spot and Avoid an Online Dating Scammer”

Have you experienced a scam on a dating site? What tipped you off? Share your experience if you want to help other men.


Dating Apps


Are you one of the 82 percent of singles turning to dating apps right now because you are closed at home and feel bored?

You have downloaded one of the Dating Apps on your phone, have registered there and created your profile. Then you have changed your search for different cities all over the world.

The you might think, why not try this with a Ukrainian girl? They are the most beautiful in the world! So now you choose maybe Ukraine/Kiev and checked out the profiles with many attractive ladies. Maybe you can have a nice communication, sexting and maybe something more?

Wait…have you ever thought that this may be your chance at finding, like, perhaps actual love?

There are many mobile dating sites, both local and international, and I am sure you have heard of some of the more popular apps like; Tinder or Badoo.

Coronavirus Dating Ukraine

Are you actively on these dating apps during this Coronavirus Pandemic?

These sites work on the superficial principal – swipe left or right. If you like the girl’s profile and she returned the like, then you will for a match. Now you can start your communication with each other.

Ukrainian girls usually use; Tinder, Badoo or Mamba.


Marriage Agencies in Ukraine


You probably had the experience of finding a wife in Ukraine through dating sites. The process of finding a girlfriend online in the Ukraine is not as easy and often times frustrating. Do you agree?


Have you heard about Marriage Agencies in Ukraine?

Have you tried to find a wife in Ukraine by using a Marriage Agency?

If yes, share your experience in the comments of this article.

What I can say…My first experience in the dating business was working as a translator in one of the marriage agencies in Zaporozhye. It was my first and was a great experience. It was an experience that helped me understand the framework of these agencies in Ukraine and how I would not like for these policies to be in my own business.

There are a large number of marriage agencies in Ukraine and in all major cities of Ukraine.

The basis of the work of these agencies is to find young and beautiful girls, register them on a large international dating site, correspond with men from profiles of their ladies in which the translator carry out the correspondence with the clients.

Mostly, this kind of agency does not care about arranging meetings in person between their girls or to create a true couple. They are about exchanging letters, arrange online chats and arrange for gifts from their clients to the ladies.

Some of these agencies have their own sites where you will need to register to preview profiles of all the single ladies and to be able to correspond with them.

These sites can arrange for you a video call with the lady and a meeting in Ukraine.

I am sure from a large number of marriage agencies that there are several who work honestly and really help these ladies find a husband abroad.

Unfortunately, I cannot advise you about these agencies because of a bad experience with a couple of agencies in Zaporozhye.

Dating Ukrainian women

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Matchmakers and Matchmaking Services in Ukraine


For now, you have read about International dating sites, Mobile dating apps and Marriage agencies in Ukraine.

You might think what else could be?

You must understand that when you register on dating sites, rack your brains how to create a profile there, what photos to add, what to write to girls. The same thing with the mobile application and also when you contact the marriage agency what to write in the application form for the agency, which one to choose so many beautiful girls want to meet with me. So, this whole long and complex process you go through alone, through a process of misunderstanding, disappointment and loss. You make a lot of mistakes to understand many things about dating, about Ukrainian girls, what they want from you, etc.

Do you agree with me?

You are lucky that you are reading this article now because you will know about a completely different way to find a girlfriend in the Ukraine: work with a Matchmaker and us a Matchmaking Service

The matchmaker will be your guide to the world of dating Ukrainian girls, your guide, your support and your friend. Because the goal of the Matchmaker is not just to send you several profiles with single Ukrainian women, but to introduce you to the girls with whom you have the best potential. The matchmaker’s task is to find suitable matches for you and help you, support you from the first contact to your return trip.


Read more here about “How can a Matchmaker help you to find a girlfriend/wife in the Ukraine – Matchmaking Services in Ukraine”

Although the Matchmaker’s work is aimed at finding girls suitable for you and arranging a meeting with them, each Matchmaker has their own database of single ladies that they work from. The Matchmaker can recommend some potential brides, introduce you to those you feel you are attracted and arrange communications with these ladies.

Read more here.


Do not let Coronavirus Pandemic and Isolation stop your dating life now!



We do not know how the situation with Coronavirus will going, how long we will be in isolation. But we are still interested in meeting someone even if we can’t actually meet them for several weeks.

And as I already said that online dating is not just a way to kill time and have fun but is the way to find love. And it is the way to find love in Ukraine.

This means that when you chat, make video calls, exchanging photos and videos with girls, you ask questions about each other and learn about another person from different part of the world.

This allows you to establish interest and communication with the Ukrainian woman, not only because of her beautiful photos, but by the way she communicates with you, her answers, common interests and views on different things and life.

Do you think it’s important to get to know someone emotionally before physical?

When you have little else to do in their free time at the moment than to communicate with Ukrainian girl and chat with each other. You don’t have any excuses that you are busy at the office or you are at Party with your friends.

You can take the time to get to know her before meeting in reality.

This time allows you to spend the time asking matches the important questions you don’t always get to on a first date.

This is a time to support each other and have fun experiencing the quarantine period. And to wait for the next day not in fear, but with joy and impatience. Because you have a someone nice and special in your life, even if this girl is far away from you.

And believe my personal and professional experience, if between you and this woman a real connection has been born, you will wait for a meeting in reality for a month or two or more!

What do you think now?

So  self-isolating can have one very distinct upside. Sure, meeting in real and chemistry matters, but gauging compatibility via communication based on if you know how to use “your” versus “you’re” (or other even more vital info) is crucial—and what you probably don’t consider when the world is acting in non-crisis mode.

Date Ukraine girls

I hope I have cheered you up and inspired you to search for your Second Half in Ukraine through online dating. And do not waste time for waiting when this Coronavirus pandemic will finish, try and you will succeed!



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